FOR ADOPTION: Tilly and Billy


Meet Billy and Tilly. Tilly and her kittens Billy, Milly, Philly, Chilly and Vanilly were rescued from a garage in Inwood. They are all available for adoption!

Billy is 2 months old. He is an adorable, clever, and super playful kitten. He loves pouncing around like a lion cub, chasing his mother’s tail, and just generally getting up to whatever mischief he can. He’ll happily play with whatever is available— even if it’s just the cap of a milk carton! He acts like a rascal but don’t be fooled: he licks foster mom occasionally.

Tilly is 1 years old. She looks like a kitten herself, and is sweetness personified. She is dainty, polite, and super affectionate. She purrs like a motor and enjoys nothing more than getting pets and chin scratches as she nuzzles against you. She is also quite playful and will eagerly chase balls and toys or pounce around with her son.

They are both FIV/FeLV negative. Tilly is fully vetted, spayed and microchipped and is available for adoption right away. Billy will received more shots and neuter when he is 3 months and is available for pre-adoption. Click here to download an application.


FOR ADOPTION: Heidi and Lucas

Meet Heidi and Lucas, rescued from an Astoria colony. Lucas, the tuxedo is a mush. He loves to be held and fall asleep on you. Heidi loves to he held and carried around with you. They are both socialized and love to play to exhaustion. They are both good with other cats and children. It would be wonderful to see them adopted together.

Heidi and Lucas are 8 weeks, soon to be fully vetted and ready for adoption. They are available for pre-adoption now. Click here to fill out an application.

FOR ADOPTION: Finster and Babs


Meet Finster and Babs, a dynamic bonded duo with tons of personality. Playful and loving, Finster (boy) leads the duo and constantly purrs. Babs (girl) looks to Finster for direction, but holds her own in play and affection and as an added bonus – she chirps.  This adorable pair was dumped in front of a good Samaritan’s home and, once again, Little Wanderers to the rescue!!  The streets are no place for friendly cats and kittens. As a matter fact, the streets are no place for any cat or kitten.  Finster and Babs are approximately five months old and are ready to go into their adoptive loving forever home.  Is that home yours?  Get your application in today!



Meet Boris! He is a medium-haired, FIV and fabulous handsome fella looking for his forever home!

Boris was found on the streets of Brooklyn, rail thin, toothless and used to be abused. Despite his past hard life, Boris has a potential of being the sweetest house cat! Foster mom May is working on socializing him and he has made great progress! He is a total love bug and gets along great with his foster roommates, but you have to win his trust! Foster mom calls him a sweet toothless purring machine!

Boris is FIV+/FeLV-, neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Click here to fill out an application to adopt Boris!

FOR ADOPTION: Shelby, Aston, Jaguar and Lexi

Meet Shelby, Aston, Jaguar and Lexi

Shelby (tabby girl) is super playful and friendly. She’s the most energetic when they’re all out playing together and she’s fearless – runs around and jumps up on everything.  She’s the friendliest and snuggliest too. She’ll cry to be picked up and has a loud purr when she’s cuddling.

Aston (tabby boy) is playful and tough. He’s the roughest when playing with his siblings. Has a lot of energy but loves a good nap. It took him a bit of time but he eventually realized he likes to be picked up and snuggled and he’s also purr machine. 

Jaguar (tuxedo boy) is playful and independent. He will let you know when he wants to be picked up. Of the 4 he’s the most likely to be sleeping by himself while the rest are snuggled together. 

Lexi (tabby girl) is as playful as the rest when they’re all running around. She is the tiniest of the bunch.

The kittens are 9 weeks old now and will soon be fully vetted for adoption. They are FIV/FeLV – and get along with other adult cats in their foster home. Fill out an application to pre-adopt them!

FOR ADOPTION: Olaf, Radish and Effie


Meet Olaf, Radish and Effie. They are 8 weeks old kittens looking for their furrever homes!

Effie (tuxedo, girl) is sweet as candy. She will purr the minute you hold her. She is friendly and enjoys playtime either alone or with her siblings.

Olaf (tabby, boy)! He is a purr machine, in fact all 3 of them are. He is very vocal and would let you know when he wants to be held, pet or fed. He is a sweet fur guy who enjoys sleeping on your lap while you rub his belly.

Radish (tabby, girl)! She is super sweet, very friendly and not shy at all. She is very good with other cats and prefers playtime with a furry friend. She is very active and playful.

They are FIV/FeLV-, soon to be fully vetted and will be available for adoption. You can pre-adopt them by sending us an application and arrange a meet and greet with them.



Jude is a gray and white cat around 4 years old. He was found in the premises of the Church of Saint Jude in Inwood.He was a church cat. He was always around there in front of the church, in the gardens, or in the parking lot. When feeding him, people stopped and asked what was his name, even the priest. I told them I still don’t have a name for him. But, someone said: ” Why don’t you call him Jude like the church?”

Jude is a very sweet boy, very gentle, and very affectionate. He loves to be petted under his cheeks. He is a character! The most amazing and curious thing about Jude is that he seems to dance when he sees you coming with his food. You don’t believe your eyes! Even Dr. Berman stated it when he came for a house call one day. Only a tap on his back, makes him dance, too. He dances out of joy!

Jude also likes the scratching posts, or the scratching mats. He also likes to make biscuits on his bed.

Jude is an adorable kitty, especially when he graciously poses after being touched on his back! And his sweet and tender eyes speak for himself.

Click here to adopt Jude!



Tony is a domestic short hair cat, gray and white around 4 years old. He is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and tested negative for both FelV & FIV tests.

One day Tony showed up to one of his feeder Andrea’s colonies in Inwood. It was feeding time and there were two new cats under a car that were about to fight. Tony calmly approached them. Andrea heard a cat talk and after a few minutes, each of the two new cats went on different directions and no fight took place! That was amazing! Was Tony a mediator or what?

Tony is adorable! He is super sweet, very loving, and very gentle. He has a calming effect on you when he starts looking at you. He shows his love by giving kisses every time you get close to him and/or give him some affection. His sweet kisses are indeed his signature! Click here to adopt Tony!


unnamed.jpgMeet Limerick,

She was rescued from a 24-hour tire fix place in the south Bronx. It was a harsh environment so she’s a bit very shy but she just craves love and affection.

Limerick is about 3-4 years old, FIV/FeLV negative, vaccinated, spayed and microchipped.

Limerick needs to be with someone who can be patient and gives her space, so she can truly blossom and become the mostly loving she is! Click here to download an application.

FOR ADOPTION: Royal and Victoria

Meet Royal and Victoria. Little Wanderers rescued them together with their siblings Annette and Alisa from a Washington Heights housing complex. They were living on top of a mattress, behind a trash area, behind piles of construction and behind a fence. It was a horrendous living condition for them. But luckily, this is all behind them.

Royal is very playful with humans and can be pet with trust built up and purrs non stop when you finally pet him.

Comparing to Royal, Victoria is a bit more shy but is coming out of her shell. She loves playing with her brother. They both have no problem being wrapped up and snuggle with their foster dad.

Royal and Victoria are 3 months old, neutered/spayed, fully vetted, FIV/FeLV- and microchipped. Click here to adopt them.