Meet Rambo! He was born in the basement of a Bronx tenement building where his mom and four siblings were fed, minimally, by the super who requested that they be “removed.” And then it happened-Little Wanderers to the rescue. Rambo may be the runt of the litter but he’s the mightiest of them all. He is a DOLL and everything you’d expect a sweet kitten to be. He will be ready to join your home by June. Put in an adoption application now to reserve him.

And remember, kittens go in pairs or join a household with other cats. This is for socialization and companionship. Kittens learn their social cues from other kittens and they need companionship as they are litter mate animals by nature.

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Tyler was rescued by Little Wanderers from a Bronx Sanitation Lot. He’s a friendly, good-natured chap and happy to be indoors!

He’s a 1 year old black and white tuxedo male. He’s Felv/FIV negative, fully vaccinated, microchipped and parasite free. Despite his rough beginnings and a dirty coat, he’s hearty and healthy and most certainly happy to be indoors.

To adopt or foster, e-mail fosteringlwnyc@gmail



Chiquita is our shy hesitant girl who needs a patient loving home where she can come into her own. She does enjoy pets and allows her foster mom to hold her. Chiquita is sweet and inquisitive she would be a phenomenal pet for someone. All you need is a little patience so she can continue to bloom & you will have the sweetest little fur baby ever!

Chiquita is 7 months old, IV/Felv-, UTD with shots, De-wormed, spayed, microchipped.

Click here to adopt Chiquita.

FOR ADOPTION: Klay, Curry and Jada

Klay (tabby) needs a home that is playful. He gets along with other cats if there’s a slow introduction. His favorite toys are a toy mouse attached to a string which he likes to carry in his mouth. He likes to pounce on and wrestle his pseudo siblings Curry and Jada but also cuddle with them. He loves the cat tunnel and chasing the red dot. Klay usually chirrups instead of meows. He tires himself out playing and often falls asleep in a funny position or in the cat tunnel or cuddling in the hammock. Continue reading “FOR ADOPTION: Klay, Curry and Jada”


Gilmore is 1 year old, handsome tuxedo cat full of energy and curiosity. He is such a sweetheart; he loves to play, particularly with anything that lets him jump and also to cuddle. He likes to get right up against you, if not fully sprawled across you, and if you let him in your bed, he’s a big fan of napping on the pillows. He’s pretty vocal, but his volume is low and he is often just indicating that he wants attention. Gilmore is great with other cats: he gets along well with his foster sister, he is very interested in her and hasn’t displayed any hostility or aggression.

Gilmore is 1 year old, FIV/Felv-, UTD with shots, De-wormed, neutered and microchipped.

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East Harlem Tuxie Needs Our Help

Dear family, Little Wanderers gets urgent requests all day, and all night long. Many of those requests come from poor and working class feeders of stray colonies that can barely make ends meet for themselves, leaving little for their colonies. So we help them because most won’t. This young cat here is in big trouble. She’s fed by a nice lady who takes two buses and one train, everyday from the Bronx, to feed this East Harlem colony of 10 strong feral and stray cats (she feeds over 60 per day in various locations). Little Wanderers will go rescue this poor poor cat who is in dire straits.

We are hit from all sides with requests. Show your support for the neediest cats and contribute to or venmo @ littlewanderers.

We will keep you updated on the rescue. Stay tuned. Little Wanderers to the rescue!

FOR ADOPTION: Berto the Special Boy

Berto was rescued in Yonkers when he came right up to two of our foster parents who were trying to trap an orphaned kitten.

Berto is an FIV+ affectionate cat who loves to cuddle and wiggle his way under your blanket so he’s close to you. When he wants attention, he’ll let you know with sweet meows. He can go to a home alone or with other cats, and he would especially be a great cat for the first time cat owner.

To adopt Berto, please download the application form.

FOR ADOPTION: Manny and Chico

Anyone out there looking for a sweet snuggle bunny who loves to play with laser lights and toy mice? This bonded brother duo Manny and Chico are ready for their forever home. Shy at first, they will warm up quickly, and you can count on Chico to sleep under the covers with you and Manny to give kisses.

They are 7 months old, FIV/Felv-, UTD with shots, De-wormed, neutered and microchipped. Many and Chico are a boned pair, so they must be adopted together.

Click here to adopt Manny and Chico