FOR ADOPTION: The Chester Barn Gang


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Meet the Chester barn gang!

Momma Sonya, Poe (white and grey tabby), Agatha (white, the only girl kitten), Ernest (orange tabby and white), Twain (lighter orange tabby), Fitz (darker orange tabby) & Oscar (orange and white)

Little Wanderers rescued seven kittens (the tiniest tuxie eventually did not make it) and their wonderful mom, Sonya from a farm in Chester, NY. Sonya is nursing her five kittens plus orphaned kitten Poe who lost his mom and all of his siblings (including the tiny tuxie who passed shortly after his rescue)!

At the time of rescue, they all had bad eye and congestion issues. For this reason, Oscar, Poe and Agatha’s visions will be affected: Oscar will need to have one eye removed, Agatha has limited or no vision, and Poe will have compromised vision in one eye. However, that does not stop them from being the most energetic and adventurous kittens they are now! They spend most of their time playing with each other and you would not be able to even tell who can see or who can’t!

The gang live in Rhode Island with awesome foster mom Katie. They are all very sweet and playful. Mama Sonya is a doll and loves affection! The kittens are playful and sweet

Agatha and Oscar are pre-adopted. Mom and the rest of the gang will be ready for their forever home a the end of August. Click here to pre-adopt them!



Meet Ethan! It was an early summer afternoon of 2018, Ethan invited himself to a neighbor’s backyard BBQ. The out-going and sweet Ethan immediately became the center of attention at the party. After all guests had left, Ethan made himself comfortable in the host’s arms who was sitting on the porch. The next day, Ethan came back to say Hello, and the rest is history.

Ethan now lives with foster mom Jen in Astoria. He is waiting to join his forever family so he can host his own BBQ party one day. Ethan is 8 months old, neutered, UTD w/shots and microchipped. Click her to adopt Ethan!

FOR ADOPTION: Chococat and WinkiPinki


Meet Chococat and WinkiPinki!

Chococat is a cute 6 weeks old male, dark gray marble tabby. He loves to eat and spend quality time by himself. You can usually find him napping away when he’s not playing with his brother & sisters. He is sweet like Chocolate!

WinkiPinki is a beautiful 6 weeks old female, dark striped-tabby. She is very curious of the world around her. She loves attention and is very playful. She is as cute as a button.

Chococat and WinkiPinki are available for pre-adoption. Click here to send us an application.

FOR ADOPTION: Kara, Alex and George

Meet Kara (Tabby), Alex (grey tuxie) and George (tabby with a missing sleeve)! They are siblings, and kittens of mama Knox (tabby).

This little family was rescued from a man-made shelter placed in front of a housing project in the Bronx. The kittens were all born in that shelter! They are now living with their foster mom and looking for their forever homes!

They are all very sweet and playful. Mama Knox is being socialized and the kittens will soon be vetted (spay/neuter, vaccinations, and microchip) for their forever home! But you can send us an application now to pre-adopt them.

FOR ADOPTION: Millie and Marvin

Meet Millie and Marvin! They were rescued together with their Mom Maggie (TNR) and their brother Mo (pre-adopted) from a garage in the Throggs Neck Section of the Bronx.

They are the sweetest 7-week old little purring machines. They love playing with each other and cuddling with their foster parents.

From their recent vet visit, it was suspected that Marvin may have Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH). But that needs further diagnosis to confirm as Marvin is still too young. Feline CH is a non-progressive, non-contagious neurological condition that results in walking and balance problems. There isn’t a treatment for this condition; however, many cat parents will tell you that there doesn’t need to be one!! They’ll say their CH kitties are some of the sweetest cats you’ll ever meet, and what they lack in coordination they make up in purrsonality!

Millie and Marvin are soon to be fully vetted (vaccinations, spay/neuter, de-worm/de-flea and microchip). They will be ready to go to their forever home in a few weeks. But you can send us an application to pre-adopt them.

FOR ADOPTION: Blacky, Two-faced, Dusty, Droopy and Baby

Meet the cutest girl kittens: Blacky, Two-faced, Dusty, Dropy and Baby. They were rescued on the streets in Queens with their feral mom. The mom is a TNR and we are looking for homes for the kittens. They are 8 weeks old, sweet and playful. They have had their first round of shots and will soon be full vetted ( receive all vaccinations, spay, FIV/FeLV testing and microchip) and ready to go their forever home!

You can send an application today to pre-adopt them. Click here for our application.


Meet Brett! Brett is an adorable cat who looks like a doll when he is sleeping. He loves to eat chicken and tuna. Runs around and loves to hide under the sofa, behind the table or anywhere and everywhere.

Brett was rescued from streets of Bronx and was found in a tiny cage. He was likely a neglected and abandoned house cat, so it did take him a little while to get used to trust human and get used to his surroundings. But once he did, his confidence came back and now shows you that he is the king! Brett loves his private mommy time when foster mom works from home, so he gets to spend time with her all day!

This handsome fella is looking for his forever family. He 1-2 years old, super healthy, neutered, FIV/FeLV-, vaccinated and microchipped. Brett loves to get all the attention from his human so ideally he should be the only pet at his new home. Click here to adopt Brett!

FOR ADOPTION: Aspen and Cedar

Meet the most adorable kitties in the world:  Aspen and Cedar

Aspen is a doll! If you want a lap cat he’s it. He loves to snuggle and just be with you. He’s a bit vocal and will let you know when he wants more attention! You can’t deny his little face and tiger stripes. He’s as beautiful as he is sweet.

Cedar is always on the move! He’s your perfect adventure kitty. He loves exploring and playing. His motto is “go, go, go!” But he’s always down for a belly rub! If you want a playful mini tiger you found your match! Together Aspen and Cedar are the dynamic duo!

They are 5 weeks old, will be vetted in a few weeks and ready for their forever home! You can pre-adopt them by sending your application now.

FOR ADOPTION: The Castle Hill Kittens

Meet Bear (brown tabby), Maybelle (brown tabby), Simon (orange), Ash (greay tabby) and Blue (gray). They were rescued from a garbage pile from the Castle Hill area of the Bronx.

Bear is a little fluffy purr machine. He is very sweet and playful. He has very soft fur soft with beautiful gtabby stripes!
Maybelle is the only girl in the bunch.  She’s a petite little tabby, and looks just like her brother Bear.
Simon is the most adventurous and curious of the bunch. He is super friendly and loving and has no fear! He greats foster mommy at her feet purring and wanting love whenever she walk into the room.
Ashe is a light grey and cream tabby, his markings are gorgeous.
Blue is solid dark grey and beautiful coat as well. Ash and Blue are still a bit shy but they are warming up to their foster mom and will soon become very sweet just like their siblings!
All the kittens are very healthy! They are fully vaccinated, FIV/FeLV – and microchipped. They are only 9 weeks, but in a few weeks they will be spayed/neutered and ready for their forever homes! You can send your application now to adopt them!


Meet Smokey! Smokey is a 5 months old kitten who loves to play and enjoys cuddle time with foster mom. Smokey is a very well-manner kitty. According to her foster mom, she can be very fierce on a toy mouse, and also plays very gentle with her human and not using her claws at all! She is very affectionate and purrs all the time. She is great with other cats as well.

Smokey is spayed, FIV/FeLV negative, vaccinated and microchipped. She is ready to join her forever family, ideally there is another pet so she has a friend to play with. Click here to adopt Smokey.