Sweetheart Brenda is looking for her forever home!

Brenda is a self rescued cat who jumped in the car, begging for rescue right before the Nor’easter. According to locals and her care-taker (Brenda) she’s had “at least two litters.” Well, it’s off to the good life for you pretty young lady!

Brenda is a very affectionate cuddle bug. She is 2 year’s old, spayed, FIV/FeLV negative, UTD on shots, microchipped and parasite free.

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Beanie was rescued with his two siblings from a Queens alleyway where they were kicked out of the basement they were living in by the superintendent. These poor kittens found themselves homeless and scared and disoriented. Since they have been rescued, Beanie’s foster mom has done a great job socializing her. Now she’s a super cuddle bug and loves to play laser and string toys.

Beanie is 8 weeks old. FIV/FeLV negative, vaccinated and microchipped. She soon will be spayed and ready for her forever home! We are taking application now. Click her to pre-adopt Beanie.


312575454This sweet baby girl Athena is ready for her forever home. She was rescued and nursed back to health by Bierka after being bitten by an animal or a trauma that left her with a severe open wound. She was admitted to the hospital for over five weeks! She’s doing great now with her new foster mom, Carmen, who says she is “the sweetest and greatest kitten.”
Athena is six months old, spayed, Felv/FIV (-), fully vaccinated, microchipped and parasite free. Email for an adoption application today!


Meet the sweetest and most easy-going cat Owen! He always let you pick him up and play or trim his nails when you need to. He LOVES food and always knows when you are eating. He has a lot of energy and is very playful. He loves people and is super laid back. He wants to be around you all the time and is very curious, a care-free snuggle cat!
Owen is 5 months old, FIV-/Felv-, UTD with shots, De-wormed, neutered and microchipped.
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Meet Boomer, a 5 1/2 year old super sweet guy rescued from the streets of Brooklyn where he was struggling to survive in a feral cat colony! He had been out there for over a year! Little Wanderers to the rescue.

His current foster says “Boomer’s a great cat. He’s very friendly and super sweet with people and with other cats. He loves napping on the couch and his favorite thing in the world is to be scratched behind his ears.”

Boomer is neutered, fully vaccinated, microchipped, Felv/FIV negative and up to date on vaccinations.

He is gentle, affectionate and easygoing. A foster to adopt situation will be considered. If you’ve been looking for a “ready-made” cat with zero issues, then this buddy is the one.

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Sallie Mae grew up around the machine shop workers so she’s used to people. Some of the workers were nice but others must have teased her or been mean to her. So she was very wary and kept her distance when she first came to her foster home. Although still being cautious, she has calmed down a lot and will let her foster dad pet her now. She is a little queen and sort of in charge at her foster home, but she’s nice with the other cats and gets along well with them. She will be good as a solo cat or with other cats. She has a funny personality and is very smart. She’s like a little monkey. In a home environment she will continue to open up and will be a sweet little pet. She has come a long way and as she learns to trust she will be comfortable and loving.

Sallie Mae is FIV+/Felv-, UTD with shots, de-wormed, spayed and microchipped.

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Baby Doll is a sweet 10 y/o senior looking for her forever home. BabyDoll has come a long way since Little Wanderers rescued her. She was formerly TNR’ed and living outside in a Brooklyn backyard where she lived for years until the feeder contacted Little Wanderers with “concerns” about her health. BabyDoll turned out to have stage four dental disease making it impossible for her to eat. This, coupled with a horrendous upper respiratory infection and hundreds of fleas, made this one very sick kitty. After months of treatment and lots of TLC from her foster. Baby Doll is a healthy and happy kitty!

She is shy but nice, she lets you handle her without a fight, and can co-exist with cats and can probably live with a nice cat. She loves temptation treats!  She is very loving when the surrounding area is quiet and peaceful.

Baby Doll is FIV/Felv-, UTD with shots, De-wormed, spayed, microchipped.

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This declawed beauty is looking for her forever home. Dove came a long way since she was rescued. She was a declawed tossed-out cat, she was very hissy when we first placed her in foster care. But she quickly became playful and affectionate with the foster mom’s daughter who is a young child. Adopter should be patient as the behavior may revert when she’s moved.

Dove is FIV/Felv-, UTD with shots, De-wormed, spayed and microchipped.

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FOR ADOPTION: Klay, Curry and Jada

Klay (tabby) needs a home that is playful. He gets along with other cats if there’s a slow introduction. His favorite toys are a toy mouse attached to a string which he likes to carry in his mouth. He likes to pounce on and wrestle his pseudo siblings Curry and Jada but also cuddle with them. He loves the cat tunnel and chasing the red dot. Klay usually chirrups instead of meows. He tires himself out playing and often falls asleep in a funny position or in the cat tunnel or cuddling in the hammock. Continue reading “FOR ADOPTION: Klay, Curry and Jada”