FOR ADOPTION: La India the Purr-fect Kitty

IMG_9490.JPGMeet La India! This 5 months old purr-factory loves homemade blanket tents and pillow forts. She is a little camera shy or perhaps just to busy to sit still (in most photos she is just a grey flash gliding across the frame).
She loves to wrastle with her brother, Brazil, nightly in Thunderdome. She loves to bring you closer for kisses or to groom your hair. She loves under the chin and behind the ear scratches—she will totally melt, slide into a fluff ball, or even show you her belly—if you do it juuuuuust right.
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Happy Endings: Asia

IMG_2076A happy ending! From a South Bronx playground to Sam and Todd’s loving home. Asia is a very happy boy. Asia’s daddies had this to say: “He’s been adjusting amazingly well. He stayed behind our toilet for the first day and a half. We’ve alternated in letting him have his privacy and trying to spend time in the same room to normalize our presence. And last night he finally made an appearance!! He’s such a little love bug, he purred up a storm and was having the time of his life soaking in all the attention (and treats)!”
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