FOR ADOPTION: The Chester Barn Gang

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Meet the Chester barn gang!

Momma Sonya, Poe (white and grey tabby), Agatha (white, the only girl kitten), Ernest (orange tabby and white), Twain (lighter orange tabby), Fitz (darker orange tabby) & Oscar (orange and white)

Little Wanderers rescued seven kittens (the tiniest tuxie eventually did not make it) and their wonderful mom, Sonya from a farm in Chester, NY. Sonya is nursing her five kittens plus orphaned kitten Poe who lost his mom and all of his siblings (including the tiny tuxie who passed shortly after his rescue)!

At the time of rescue, they all had bad eye and congestion issues. For this reason, Oscar, Poe and Agatha’s visions will be affected: Oscar will need to have one eye removed, Agatha has limited or no vision, and Poe will have compromised vision in one eye. However, that does not stop them from being the most energetic and adventurous kittens they are now! They spend most of their time playing with each other and you would not be able to even tell who can see or who can’t!

The gang live in Rhode Island with awesome foster mom Katie. They are all very sweet and playful. Mama Sonya is a doll and loves affection! The kittens are playful and sweet

Agatha and Oscar are pre-adopted. Mom and the rest of the gang will be ready for their forever home a the end of August. Click here to pre-adopt them!


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Jude is a gray and white cat around 4 years old. He was found in the premises of the Church of Saint Jude in Inwood.He was a church cat. He was always around there in front of the church, in the gardens, or in the parking lot. When feeding him, people stopped and asked what was his name, even the priest. I told them I still don’t have a name for him. But, someone said: ” Why don’t you call him Jude like the church?”

Jude is a very sweet boy, very gentle, and very affectionate. He loves to be petted under his cheeks. He is a character! The most amazing and curious thing about Jude is that he seems to dance when he sees you coming with his food. You don’t believe your eyes! Even Dr. Berman stated it when he came for a house call one day. Only a tap on his back, makes him dance, too. He dances out of joy!

Jude also likes the scratching posts, or the scratching mats. He also likes to make biscuits on his bed.

Jude is an adorable kitty, especially when he graciously poses after being touched on his back! And his sweet and tender eyes speak for himself.

Click here to adopt Jude!


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Tony is a domestic short hair cat, gray and white around 4 years old. He is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and tested negative for both FelV & FIV tests.

One day Tony showed up to one of his feeder Andrea’s colonies in Inwood. It was feeding time and there were two new cats under a car that were about to fight. Tony calmly approached them. Andrea heard a cat talk and after a few minutes, each of the two new cats went on different directions and no fight took place! That was amazing! Was Tony a mediator or what?

Tony is adorable! He is super sweet, very loving, and very gentle. He has a calming effect on you when he starts looking at you. He shows his love by giving kisses every time you get close to him and/or give him some affection. His sweet kisses are indeed his signature! Click here to adopt Tony!


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unnamed.jpgMeet Limerick,

She was rescued from a 24-hour tire fix place in the south Bronx. It was a harsh environment so she’s a bit very shy but she just craves love and affection.

Limerick is about 3-4 years old, FIV/FeLV negative, vaccinated, spayed and microchipped.

Limerick needs to be with someone who can be patient and gives her space, so she can truly blossom and become the mostly loving she is! Click here to download an application.

FOR ADOPTION: Delta, River and Blaxy

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Meet Delta, River and Blaxy

River, Delta and Blaxy are siblings of Capri and Atlanta. They were all rescued from the impossible bush and debris in the Bronx.

They are all very sweet and playful purr machines. They are great with other cats, dogs and young humans!

River, Delta and Blaxy will soon be fully vetted to get ready for their forever home. You can send us an application to pre-adopt them now.