FOR ADOPTION: Finster and Babs

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Meet Finster and Babs, a dynamic bonded duo with tons of personality. Playful and loving, Finster (boy) leads the duo and constantly purrs. Babs (girl) looks to Finster for direction, but holds her own in play and affection and as an added bonus – she chirps.  This adorable pair was dumped in front of a good Samaritan’s home and, once again, Little Wanderers to the rescue!!  The streets are no place for friendly cats and kittens. As a matter fact, the streets are no place for any cat or kitten.  Finster and Babs are approximately five months old and are ready to go into their adoptive loving forever home.  Is that home yours?  Get your application in today!

FOR ADOPTION: The Chester Barn Gang

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Meet the Chester barn gang!

Momma Sonya, Poe (white and grey tabby), Agatha (white, the only girl kitten), Ernest (orange tabby and white), Twain (lighter orange tabby), Fitz (darker orange tabby) & Oscar (orange and white)

Little Wanderers rescued seven kittens (the tiniest tuxie eventually did not make it) and their wonderful mom, Sonya from a farm in Chester, NY. Sonya is nursing her five kittens plus orphaned kitten Poe who lost his mom and all of his siblings (including the tiny tuxie who passed shortly after his rescue)!

At the time of rescue, they all had bad eye and congestion issues. For this reason, Oscar, Poe and Agatha’s visions will be affected: Oscar will need to have one eye removed, Agatha has limited or no vision, and Poe will have compromised vision in one eye. However, that does not stop them from being the most energetic and adventurous kittens they are now! They spend most of their time playing with each other and you would not be able to even tell who can see or who can’t!

The gang live in Rhode Island with awesome foster mom Katie. They are all very sweet and playful. Mama Sonya is a doll and loves affection! The kittens are playful and sweet

Agatha and Oscar are pre-adopted. Mom and the rest of the gang will be ready for their forever home a the end of August. Click here to pre-adopt them!


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Cheerio is looking for a foster or a foster to adopt. Little Wanderers rescued him last week from the alleyways and streets in Inwood (Northern Manhattan) where he just showed up one day in a feral cat colony. He was spotted tearing open some plastic bags in a dumpster behind a supermarket, searching for scraps. He was meowing and greeting everyone that passed by. But no one picked him up. And then, it happened. Little Wanderers to the rescue! We scooped him up.

He’s a good-natured, young orange tabby that was either tossed out of a home or a bodega. All we know is that he was happy to be rescued.

He’s neutered, Felv/FIV negative, microchipped, fully vaccinated and parasite free.

Click here to foster or adopt Cheerio.


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Jack is a curious and cuddly soul who loves and will explore his surroundings. He craves human affection and needs clear demonstrations of love! Jack is so smart we think he even knows his name. He loves food and will seek it out. Jack is 1-2 years old, FIV-/Felv-, UTD with shots, De-wormed, neutered and microchipped. Email for an adoption application today!


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Sammy is the victim of a house fire that occurred last March by old electrical wiring. After the fire, everyone left the building, leaving Sammy in the alleyway with access to the garage only. His family was homeless and living in a shelter. His rescuer was able to see when the owners came to feed him but after the Fall of 2017 his owners were coming only once a week, and then for several weeks, not at all.. Sammy was scruffy and thin, and all the male cats in the neighborhood came to fight with him. He didn’t know how to fight…. and his rescuer came to his aid several times, running off the big Toms.