Mersida, (foster mom prefers to call her Ella or Chunky), is a beautiful gray, laidback, go with the flow cat. She loves to sprawl on the floor or along the back of the couch and observe her surroundings with her huge beautiful green eyes! She is a lady and likes to come to you and cuddle on her own terms. She’s obsessed with drinking water from the sink, it’s really cute to watch. She doesn’t mind other cats and would be good in a home with other pets or being alone.

Ella’s has a sad story. She was neglected by her previous owner, that she became overweight over time. She was found posted on Craigslist as a ‘free cat’ after the owner moved out and left her behind in the apartment. However she is gaining trust and learning to love human again, thanks to her caring and loving foster mom Ashley, and made significant progress since she moved in with Ashley!!

Ella would do well with someone who’s loving and patient, and can give her time and space to let her come out of her shell, and ideally with no small humans around.

Ella is around 7-10 years old, FIV/FeLV-, fully vetted, FIV/FeLV-, spayed and microchipped. Fill out an application to adopt Ella and give her the best home she truly deserves!!



Meet Felix! Felix was rescued from a Bronx empty lot that is used for trash and construction debris. He is now living with his foster mom soaking all the love and attention.

Felix is a true doll! He loves to jump on your laps for pets and scratches. Felix also runs up to you when you call his name, like a little puppy! He is very affectionate and follows foster mom everywhere. Some nights foster mom would wake up with Felix sleeping on her stomach. Besides human being his favorite specie, Felix also gets along with other cats and dogs.

Felix is 8 months old, neutered, fully vaccinated, microchipped, Felv/fiv negative, and parasite free. To adopt, click here to fill out an online application.

FOR ADOPTION: The Castle Hill Kittens

Meet Bear (brown tabby), Maybelle (brown tabby), Simon (orange), Ash (greay tabby) and Blue (gray). They were rescued from a garbage pile from the Castle Hill area of the Bronx.

Bear is a little fluffy purr machine. He is very sweet and playful. He has very soft fur soft with beautiful gtabby stripes!
Maybelle is the only girl in the bunch.  She’s a petite little tabby, and looks just like her brother Bear.
Simon is the most adventurous and curious of the bunch. He is super friendly and loving and has no fear! He greats foster mommy at her feet purring and wanting love whenever she walk into the room.
Ashe is a light grey and cream tabby, his markings are gorgeous.
Blue is solid dark grey and beautiful coat as well. Ash and Blue are still a bit shy but they are warming up to their foster mom and will soon become very sweet just like their siblings!
All the kittens are very healthy! They are fully vaccinated, FIV/FeLV – and microchipped. They are only 9 weeks, but in a few weeks they will be spayed/neutered and ready for their forever homes! You can send your application now to adopt them!


Grolsch used to live in a colony in East Harlem. He was a planned TNR but Little Wanderers kept him for a bit longer for him to recover from a bad cold. But it turned out, Grolsch is not feral at all, he is rather a total sweet heart, and LOVES indoor living. So Little Wanderers placed him in foster care and are now helping him finding a forever home!

Grolsch has a gorgeous grey coat coat with tabby markings. He is quiet and a little shy around other cats but he loves his foster momma. Whenever his foster siblings leave the room, he would run up to his foster mom to cuddle and purr up a storm! It would be the best for him to be adopted solo or to a home without a very dominant cat.

Grolsch is a super healthy cat with FIV+ status. FIV+ cats can live out a normal life and could potentially shed the infection. Please consider giving him a chance and fight the prejudice and misinformation about FIV+ cats!

Grolsch is 7 years old, FIV+/FeLV-, UTD w/ shots and microchipped. Click here to adopt Grolsch!

FOR ADOPTION: The Cheese Kittens

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Adoption Alert! Adopt these adorable kittens, Chedder, Gouda, Brie, are up for adoption! Little Wanderers rescued them from a basement in Washington Heights and they are the sweetest little kittens. They are cuddly and playful, and love to follow their big foster brother around!

Brie (black, girl), a little shy but loves to play and a little explorer. She likes to sniff foster mom’s feet, tap it, and then run.

Cheddar (black, boy), the most rambunctious of the crew. He believes he’s Tarzan and likes to swing from everything.

And the sweetest of them all, Gouda(grey, boy). He sleeps in bed with foster mom every night and doesn’t mind stepping all over you to explore the world. 🙂

Click here to adopt them now!





Chaplin here is another self-rescue when he jumped into our volunteer Alyssa’s car in Queens during a rainy, freezing winter night. Chaplin was done with street living! And now, he’s rescued.

He is a 1 year old delightful, healthy boy with a darling smile and sharp wit. He is very affectionate and is alway looking to play or cuddle. He also gets along great with other cats and dogs, and ideally he should be adopted to a home with other pets.

Chaplin is neutered, microchipped, FeLV/FIV negative, fully vaccinated and parasite free. He is a little skinny but his foster mom Rachel is working diligently on this. To adopt Chaplin, click here and complete an application! Hurry!


Sweetheart Brenda is looking for her forever home!

Brenda is a self rescued cat who jumped in the car, begging for rescue right before the Nor’easter. According to locals and her care-taker (Brenda) she’s had “at least two litters.” Well, it’s off to the good life for you pretty young lady!

Brenda is a very affectionate cuddle bug. She is 2 year’s old, spayed, FIV/FeLV negative, UTD on shots, microchipped and parasite free.

Click here to adopt Brenda!


You would never know it, but Misty spent the first year of her life on the street. Thanks to  her foster mom Carmen, those days are long gone. Misty showed up last December during a snow-storm and birthed six kittens within one hour of seeking refuge in Carmen’s basement. All kittens have been adopted into loving homes 🏡 and Misty has become a lovely young lady that is looking for her forever home.

Misty is spayed, Felv/fiv negative, fully vaccinated, microchipped and parasite free. She loves other cats and is ok with dogs. She is quiet, gentle, shy, easy-going and ever so grateful to be rescued. Adopt a rescue cat today. The love they give back to you is more than you’ll ever know. Click here to complete an adoption application.


Meet Boomer, a 5 1/2 year old super sweet guy rescued from the streets of Brooklyn where he was struggling to survive in a feral cat colony! He had been out there for over a year! Little Wanderers to the rescue.

His current foster says “Boomer’s a great cat. He’s very friendly and super sweet with people and with other cats. He loves napping on the couch and his favorite thing in the world is to be scratched behind his ears.”

Boomer is neutered, fully vaccinated, microchipped, Felv/FIV negative and up to date on vaccinations.

He is gentle, affectionate and easygoing. A foster to adopt situation will be considered. If you’ve been looking for a “ready-made” cat with zero issues, then this buddy is the one.

Click here to adopt Boomer!