Poppins is a lovely four month old kitten and is up for adoption. She was rescued from a feral cat colony behind a Bronx senior nursing home. She’s been thoroughly vetted and is the picture of health and happiness. Her great foster mom says “She purrs, headbutts and meows at us & is just an angel.”

Poppins is spayed, microchipped, fully vaccinated and Felv/FIV negative. To adopt Poppins, click here.


FOR ADOPTION: Klay, Curry and Jada

Klay (tabby) needs a home that is playful. He gets along with other cats if there’s a slow introduction. His favorite toys are a toy mouse attached to a string which he likes to carry in his mouth. He likes to pounce on and wrestle his pseudo siblings Curry and Jada but also cuddle with them. He loves the cat tunnel and chasing the red dot. Klay usually chirrups instead of meows. He tires himself out playing and often falls asleep in a funny position or in the cat tunnel or cuddling in the hammock. Continue reading “FOR ADOPTION: Klay, Curry and Jada”

FOR ADOPTION: Fred, Wilma, Buch and Kreider


Fred, Wilma, Buch, Kreider, Mika (adopted) and their mom (adopted) were found in the basement of an apartment and were being fed potatoes by the people there.

Fred and Wilma (bonded pair): Fred is an ameowzing little kitten! He is usually either chasing his favorite toy or being a purr machine in his foster mom’s lap. Wilma loves following her brother Fred around and taking lazy catnaps. They are boned so should be adopted together.

Buch and Kreider (bonded pair): They have came a long way from a hissy little dinosaurs to a sweet and playful kittens. They are boned so should be adopted together.

Fred, Wilma, Buch and Kreider are 3 months old, FIV/Felv-, UTD with shots, De-wormed, neutered and spayed, and microchipped.

Click here to adopt them!

FOR ADOPTION: Bear and Marie

Bear and Marie

Bear (black) loves to cuddle and be held like a baby, when he’s not snuggling he loves to play! He is okay with getting baths and having his nails trimmed. Bear is a bonded pair with his sister Marie. Ideally they should go home together.

Marie (grey and white) is very sweet but shy until she gets to know you. She loves treats and head scratches. She is okay with getting baths and having her nails trimmed. Marie is a bonded pair with her brother Bear. Ideally they should go home together.

Bear and Marie are 4 months old, FIV/Felv-, UTD with shots, De-wormed, neutered and spayed, microchipped.

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FOR PRE-ADOPTION: Chaol the Attention Seeker

*available for pre-adoption*

Chaol and his litter were rescued from a backyard in Glendale, Queens. Normally, you would think that a backyard offers at least a little protection for kittens, but not this one. The owners of the property wanted the cats gone, even if it meant poisoning them. After a lot of pleading, we were allowed in to trap the kittens and bring them to safety.

Chaol is a bit shy at first, but is a very sweet boy who is obsessed with being held by his human. Chaol isn’t quite old enough to be neutered and vaccinated, so he and his siblings will be ready soon, but you can apply to adopt him now. Please download the application form.


20170301_092825.pngRemember Miyu, rescued just last week from Aqueduct Ave in the Bronx? She is the sweetest lady ever, and it’s astonishing how happy she is to be inside!

Miyu is up for adoption! She is deeply affectionate, jolly and gentle. She is spayed, fully vaccinated, felv/FIV negative and parasite free. To adopt email Jessica at Continue reading “FOR ADOPTION: Miyu”