FOR ADOPTION: Les Miserables Kittens

These are the beautiful Les Miserables kittens, named after characters in the great Broadway show. They are 5 weeks old, rescued from filth and squalor by our amazing team. There is Marius, a boy, Javert, a boy, Fantine, a girl,  Bishop, a boy and Jean, a gorgeous little girl. Wont you consider taking them into your heart and home! For more information, please email us at .

FOR ADOPTION: Brady Gang Kittens

This is the Brady Gang! They are three kittens in the care of rockstar foster mom Amelia! They are six week old babies that are in excellent health and ready for their forever homes! Sunnie is the brown, cream and black tabby girl, Gregg is the all black little boy, and Cher is the all black little girl. You can see more of their adorable exploits on Instagram at the @thebradygang page. To adopt any one of these kittens, email us at . Let’s find these cuties forever homes!

FOR ADOPTION: Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Moe & Bingo

Kittens kittens kittens!!! These adorable babies are Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Moe and Bingo. Little Wanderers rescued them from a disgusting garbage pile in a parking garage in the Bronx.  Moe is the only boy and he currently weighs in at 1 lb 150z, with his sisters close behind at 1lb 14oz, 1lb 12oz, 1lb 11oz and 1lb 10oz. To adopt these beautiful cutie pies, email Stephanie, our adoption coordinator at . Let’s find all of these babies forever homes!