Jack is a curious and cuddly soul who loves and will explore his surroundings. He craves human affection and needs clear demonstrations of love! Jack is so smart we think he even knows his name. He loves food and will seek it out. Jack is 1-2 years old, FIV-/Felv-, UTD with shots, De-wormed, neutered and microchipped. Email for an adoption application today!



312575454This sweet baby girl Athena is ready for her forever home. She was rescued and nursed back to health by Bierka after being bitten by an animal or a trauma that left her with a severe open wound. She was admitted to the hospital for over five weeks! She’s doing great now with her new foster mom, Carmen, who says she is “the sweetest and greatest kitten.”
Athena is six months old, spayed, Felv/FIV (-), fully vaccinated, microchipped and parasite free. Email for an adoption application today!


311115934Sammy is the victim of a house fire that occurred last March by old electrical wiring. After the fire, everyone left the building, leaving Sammy in the alleyway with access to the garage only. His family was homeless and living in a shelter. His rescuer was able to see when the owners came to feed him but after the Fall of 2017 his owners were coming only once a week, and then for several weeks, not at all.. Sammy was scruffy and thin, and all the male cats in the neighborhood came to fight with him. He didn’t know how to fight…. and his rescuer came to his aid several times, running off the big Toms.
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Meet the sweetest and most easy-going cat Owen! He always let you pick him up and play or trim his nails when you need to. He LOVES food and always knows when you are eating. He has a lot of energy and is very playful. He loves people and is super laid back. He wants to be around you all the time and is very curious, a care-free snuggle cat!
Owen is 5 months old, FIV-/Felv-, UTD with shots, De-wormed, neutered and microchipped.
Email for an adoption application today!


Meet Boomer, a 5 1/2 year old super sweet guy rescued from the streets of Brooklyn where he was struggling to survive in a feral cat colony! He had been out there for over a year! Little Wanderers to the rescue.

His current foster says “Boomer’s a great cat. He’s very friendly and super sweet with people and with other cats. He loves napping on the couch and his favorite thing in the world is to be scratched behind his ears.”

Boomer is neutered, fully vaccinated, microchipped, Felv/FIV negative and up to date on vaccinations.

He is gentle, affectionate and easygoing. A foster to adopt situation will be considered. If you’ve been looking for a “ready-made” cat with zero issues, then this buddy is the one.

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Poppins is a lovely four month old kitten and is up for adoption. She was rescued from a feral cat colony behind a Bronx senior nursing home. She’s been thoroughly vetted and is the picture of health and happiness. Her great foster mom says “She purrs, headbutts and meows at us & is just an angel.”

Poppins is spayed, microchipped, fully vaccinated and Felv/FIV negative. To adopt Poppins, click here.

Happy Tails: Lolita

This is Poppy enjoying some sunshine before the snow storm. Poppy, fka Lolita was running around Inwood Hill Park when she was rescued. She was abandoned by someone who no longer wanted her. Confused and scared, she hid under a bench and timidly approached passerby’s until someone actually did something and scooped her up. The rest is history!



Calico cat adoption Alert! Maritza was rescued from the Bronx where she was begging for rescue and made her way into the driveway and eventually the basement of a Good Samaritan who reached out to us for help.

If you’ve ever wanted a beautiful calico cat of your own, Maritza is the one. She is stunning, gentle, affectionate and playful. She is fully vaccinated, Felv/FIV negative, microchipped and parasite free. She will soon to be spayed and get ready for her forever home.

Adopt Maritza. Email or fill out an adoption application online here.


If you are looking for a chill cat who loves to be petted, Dukes is the one! This medium haired handsome boy purrs a lot! He loves to rip up newspaper and run around the apartment.
Dukes is 3 years old, FIV-/Felv-, UTD with shots, De-wormed, neutered and microchipped.
Email for an adoption application today!