FOR ADOPTION: The Rat Pack Kittens

Meet the Rat Pack: Frank, Sammy, Dean and Peter! They are children of Lucy and Olive

The Rat Pack are 8-9 weeks old, curious, sweet and playful. They were rescued with mama/auntie Lucy and Olive who were jointly raising this family together on the streets. But that is all behind them and the Rat Pack are ready to to begin a great life of their own!

They are FIV/FeLV-, and will soon be fully vetted (vaccinations, neuter, de-worm, de-flea and microchip). You can send us an application to adopt them now.



FOR ADOPTION: Lucy and Olive

Meet Lucy and Olive! They are a beautiful sister duo looking for a forever home together! 🧡🖤 Lucy and Olive are two young mother jointly raised their five kittens and are now ready to begin their own wonderful lives. Lucy is a long-haired ginger girl and her sister Olive is a sleek house panther with expressive big green eyes. Both are still understandably a bit shy, given what they’ve been through in their short lives.

But the hard life was behind them. Now they enjoy window perching on a sunny day, watching birds and squirrels, and hanging out with each other!  Lucy and Olive are totally devoted to one another, and are looking for a home together. Their ideal parent(s) are calm, patient and loving people who can give these two girls the time and space they need to blossom into their best selves. A home without young children (i.e., children under age 18) would be best; however, occasional visits by returning college students or grandchildren sleepovers would be fine. 

They are both approximately one year old. They have tested negative for FeLV/FIV, vaccinated and microchipped. Click here to adopt Lucy and Olive.

FOR ADOPTION: Millie and Marvin

Meet Millie and Marvin! They were rescued together with their Mom Maggie (TNR) and their brother Mo (pre-adopted) from a garage in the Throggs Neck Section of the Bronx.

They are the sweetest 7-week old little purring machines. They love playing with each other and cuddling with their foster parents.

From their recent vet visit, it was suspected that Marvin may have Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH). But that needs further diagnosis to confirm as Marvin is still too young. Feline CH is a non-progressive, non-contagious neurological condition that results in walking and balance problems. There isn’t a treatment for this condition; however, many cat parents will tell you that there doesn’t need to be one!! They’ll say their CH kitties are some of the sweetest cats you’ll ever meet, and what they lack in coordination they make up in purrsonality!

Millie and Marvin are soon to be fully vetted (vaccinations, spay/neuter, de-worm/de-flea and microchip). They will be ready to go to their forever home in a few weeks. But you can send us an application to pre-adopt them.

FOR ADOPTION: Royal and Victoria

Meet Royal and Victoria. Little Wanderers rescued them together with their siblings Annette and Alisa from a Washington Heights housing complex. They were living on top of a mattress, behind a trash area, behind piles of construction and behind a fence. It was a horrendous living condition for them. But luckily, this is all behind them.

Royal is very playful with humans and can be pet with trust built up and purrs non stop when you finally pet him.

Comparing to Royal, Victoria is a bit more shy but is coming out of her shell. She loves playing with her brother. They both have no problem being wrapped up and snuggle with their foster dad.

Royal and Victoria are 3 months old, neutered/spayed, fully vetted, FIV/FeLV- and microchipped. Click here to adopt them.


Meet Gizmo! Gizmo is an orphan kitten who got left behind at 1 week old. Thanks to our volunteer Kat who bottle fed and took care of him.

Gizmo is now 4 weeks old, full of energy and joy, he loves his foster mom and is also great with other cats and kittens. He will soon be neutered and receive all his vaccinations when old enough (at about 8-10 weeks old).

Gizmo is available for pre-adoption. Click here to send us an application!

FOR ADOPTION: Anette and Alisa


Meet Annette and Alisa. Little Wanderers rescued Annette and Alisa together with their siblings Victoria and Royal from a Washington Heights housing complex. They were living on top of a mattress, behind a trash area, behind piles of construction and behind a fence. It was a horrendous living condition for them. But luckily, this is all behind them.

Annette is a sweet little kitty who loves food. Picking her up is not an issue. She will easily put when being petted or fed. She is not a big a huntress with the boa. She prefers the stick end and loves hearing the sound it makes when is run around the floor. Her whiskers curve down and resemble a mustache.

Alisa. She is a bit shy but is coming out of her shell to play. She is quite a huntress.

Annette and Alisa are 3 months old, spayed, fully vetted, FIV/FeLV- and microchipped. Click here to adopt them.


Meet Felix! Felix was rescued from a Bronx empty lot that is used for trash and construction debris. He is now living with his foster mom soaking all the love and attention.

Felix is a true doll! He loves to jump on your laps for pets and scratches. Felix also runs up to you when you call his name, like a little puppy! He is very affectionate and follows foster mom everywhere. Some nights foster mom would wake up with Felix sleeping on her stomach. Besides human being his favorite specie, Felix also gets along with other cats and dogs.

Felix is 8 months old, neutered, fully vaccinated, microchipped, Felv/fiv negative, and parasite free. To adopt, click here to fill out an online application.

FOR ADOPTION: Blacky, Two-faced, Dusty, Droopy and Baby

Meet the cutest girl kittens: Blacky, Two-faced, Dusty, Dropy and Baby. They were rescued on the streets in Queens with their feral mom. The mom is a TNR and we are looking for homes for the kittens. They are 8 weeks old, sweet and playful. They have had their first round of shots and will soon be full vetted ( receive all vaccinations, spay, FIV/FeLV testing and microchip) and ready to go their forever home!

You can send an application today to pre-adopt them. Click here for our application.


Meet Brett! Brett is an adorable cat who looks like a doll when he is sleeping. He loves to eat chicken and tuna. Runs around and loves to hide under the sofa, behind the table or anywhere and everywhere.

Brett was rescued from streets of Bronx and was found in a tiny cage. He was likely a neglected and abandoned house cat, so it did take him a little while to get used to trust human and get used to his surroundings. But once he did, his confidence came back and now shows you that he is the king! Brett loves his private mommy time when foster mom works from home, so he gets to spend time with her all day!

This handsome fella is looking for his forever family. He 1-2 years old, super healthy, neutered, FIV/FeLV-, vaccinated and microchipped. Brett loves to get all the attention from his human so ideally he should be the only pet at his new home. Click here to adopt Brett!