How do I apply to adopt?
If you are interested in adopting with us, we recommend applying online. The online application process generally takes 5-7 days. After submitting an application, our Adoptions Team will be in touch via email. All references will be contacted and a home visit will be scheduled on the day of the adoption. Additionally, we encourage you to apply online even if you haven’t spotted a great match yet, so that the process can be expedited!

What are your adoption fees?
As you explore adoption, we encourage you to consider the significant time and financial commitment that comes with cat ownership. Our standard adoption fee is $125 for one cat and $150 for two, however it may change depending on the cats age and length with our organization. The fee must be paid in full at the time of the adoption. All of our cats come fully vaccinated, de-wormed and de-flead, and spayed/neutered. Additionally, all of our cats are microchipped to our organization. As a non-profit organization we rely entirely on adoption fees, donations, and fundraising to enable us to continue rescuing cats. 

Do you do out of state adoptions?
We primarily adopt in-state, however out of state adoptions will be determined on a case-by-case basis. If you are not a NYC resident, but see a cat who you are interested in, please reach out and we will decide accordingly!

How do I meet the cat that I am interested in adopting?
If you are pre-approved to adopt, please email to let us know that you would like to meet the cat before adoption. Our adoption team will let you know the date of our next adoption event. If there is no planned adoption event in the upcoming weeks or if the cat who you are interested in is not attending the upcoming adoption events, our adoption team will work out a time for you to visit the cat at its foster home.

What is an adoption event?
Since we don’t have a physical shelter, adoption events are held so interested adopters can meet our cats! Our weekend events are open to the public and anyone is welcome to come visit the cats! You can always drop by an event to see our adoptable cats. Please keep in mind that adoption events can be overwhelming and stressful for our cats, and many cats’ personalities do not shine through at events. We encourage interested adopters to reference videos from foster parents to see the cat’s true personality. 

What if an adoption does not work out?
We ask that all adopters give new cats 2 weeks to adjust. A new environment is stressful for cats, and many need 2-4 weeks to fully adjust. Should an adoption not work out, we will always take back the cats and refund the adoption fee. Our goal is to find the perfect happy and healthy home for our cats.

What is a foster-to-adopt?
Foster-to-adopt is a program that Little Wanderers offers for interested adopters who are concerned about the cat fitting in/working out at their home. Foster-to-adopt allows a trial period of one month for interested adopters to decide whether they would or would not like to adopt the cat. Once it is decided that the foster-to-adopter would like to adopt, the adoption fee will be sent to Little Wanderers, and medical records will be sent to the adopter. Until the adoption fee is paid, Little Wanderers maintains full ownership of the cat. During this period, foster-to-adopters must provide cat supplies such as cat food, cat box, and cat litter. 

I just adopted and have questions and/or need advice.
Our adoptions team is always happy to help answer any questions or address any concerns that you may have. Please do not hesitate to reach out at