Happy Endings: Joyce


Remember Joyce? The LW Rescue Team found her in the Hunts Point section of the South Bronx,  sitting on a piece of tinfoil under a tree. She was so filthy and matted that she needed a lion cut that took several hours. She had broken teeth and was infected with parasites. Turns out she had been dumped there at the tender age of 14, and although she was microchipped it was obvious she had been abandoned by her owner.

But Little Wanderers came to the rescue! Continue reading “Happy Endings: Joyce”


This poor little girl is six week old Ema. She was rescued by our team from this basement of filth and squalor. She is very frail and a little shy as you can see. Ema is in urgent need of a foster home while she is being vetted. She’s had one vet visit already and she is healthy and parasite free. For more information, contact Raquel by email at adopt.littlewanderersnyc@gmail.com . Be a hero for Ema and show her she never has to return to this awful squalor ever again!

RIP, Garland 2011-2017

Dear family,

It is with a heavy heart that we bring you the news of Garlands passing. Garland was rescued last October 2016 by Little Wanderers from an East Harlem parking lot where she lived with this huge tumor on her chest for one year until we came along (according to her feeders). Garland lived with other Ferals and made her way as best she could. Continue reading “RIP, Garland 2011-2017”

FOR ADOPTION : Jellybean

Look at this cutie pie! Meet Jellybean! Little Wanderers rescued her and her 2 kittens on Easter weekend.  They were left to fend for themselves in a dank, windowless, airless basement of a deli in the Bronx. Not a healthy or thrive encouraging situation for her or her babies. But the LW Team came to their rescue and now we are looking for her forever home!

Jellybean is a beautiful, sweet, good natured tuxedo cat. We are looking for a foster or a foster to adoption situation so she wont have to go back to that awful basement in the Bronx. To adopt or foster this adorable kitty, email us at adopt.littlewanderersnyc@gmail.com or text us at 917-617-1669. Lets find Jellybean the forever home she deserves!

Happy Endings: Demi (aka Popcorn)

demiThat is the look right there on that cat’s face. The look of happiness, contentment, security, satiation, safety. The look that comes from a cat that knows it has found its forever home and their forever parent or parents.  The look of trust and loyalty, from feelings of knowing that they are surrounded by friends and loved ones, that they will not have to fight or scrounge from garbage for their next meal, and that they are in a safe place where they won’t be hurt or tortured or abused. Continue reading “Happy Endings: Demi (aka Popcorn)”