Empress and her 4 kittens were rescued from a Deli. She doesn’t like to be called mama Empress because her toddlers drive her nuts: stealing her food, gremlin-growling, following her everywhere she goes, and stealing her toys, and she’s a kitten herself too. She is not a fan of other cats, so when the kittens are not around, she is the sweetest lady. She has a great relationship with people (even the doctors and nurses at the vet). She loves to be pampered and held. She will let you pick her up and carry her around. She is a ferocious warrior and will attack any jingly ball or mouse toy. She likes to pounce on blanket covered toes, but she will make it up to you by grooming you during bath time (a quick nip—like you are her kitten—then lick your arm clean). Turkey is her favorite food. Bathroom window ledges are her favorite spot, and she enjoys quiet.

Empress is 1.5 year old, FIV-/Felv-, UTD with shots, De-wormed, spayed, microchipped.

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Sallie Mae grew up around the machine shop workers so she’s used to people. Some of the workers were nice but others must have teased her or been mean to her. So she was very wary and kept her distance when she first came to her foster home. Although still being cautious, she has calmed down a lot and will let her foster dad pet her now. She is a little queen and sort of in charge at her foster home, but she’s nice with the other cats and gets along well with them. She will be good as a solo cat or with other cats. She has a funny personality and is very smart. She’s like a little monkey. In a home environment she will continue to open up and will be a sweet little pet. She has come a long way and as she learns to trust she will be comfortable and loving.

Sallie Mae is FIV+/Felv-, UTD with shots, de-wormed, spayed and microchipped.

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Mercedes is a sweet 1-2 yr young princess. She is a very calm kitty and loves to cuddle up to you while watching a movie. She greets you at the door with a petite little meow begging for head rubs. She loves being held and having her belly rubbed. You’d never know she was a stray before New Year’s Eve! She doesn’t mind at all with her nails being trimmed. Her favorite toy is anything on a wand but mostly she just wants to hang out with you. She’s been a wonderful mother to her adorable 3 kittens but as a kitten herself, it’s time she finds her forever home and gets to just be a kitten.

Mercedes is about 1-2 years old, FIV/Felv-, UTD with shots, de-wormed, spayed, microchipped.

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Baby Doll is a sweet 10 y/o senior looking for her forever home. BabyDoll has come a long way since Little Wanderers rescued her. She was formerly TNR’ed and living outside in a Brooklyn backyard where she lived for years until the feeder contacted Little Wanderers with “concerns” about her health. BabyDoll turned out to have stage four dental disease making it impossible for her to eat. This, coupled with a horrendous upper respiratory infection and hundreds of fleas, made this one very sick kitty. After months of treatment and lots of TLC from her foster. Baby Doll is a healthy and happy kitty!

She is shy but nice, she lets you handle her without a fight, and can co-exist with cats and can probably live with a nice cat. She loves temptation treats!  She is very loving when the surrounding area is quiet and peaceful.

Baby Doll is FIV/Felv-, UTD with shots, De-wormed, spayed, microchipped.

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Sweet girl Diamond had a rough start of her life: She was originally to be TNRed back to her colony until her foster mom met her at ASPCA spay/neuter clinic and offered to foster her as she seemed WAY too friendly. She was pregnant when she went into spay/neuter and the three babies were aborted. She may have had a litter already who did not do well and are in foster care. Ever since Diamond came into her foster she was instantly purring and kneading and so happy. She had a URI when arriving and a parasite. Since then, all has been cleared!

Diamond is the sweetest girl but really is a people cat. She doesn’t care much for her other two feline roommates. She loves people and is a lap cat! The second her foster mom sits anywhere, she is on her lap!

She is 3 years old, FIV+/Felv-, UTD with shots, De-wormed, spayed, microchipped.

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This declawed beauty is looking for her forever home. Dove came a long way since she was rescued. She was a declawed tossed-out cat, she was very hissy when we first placed her in foster care. But she quickly became playful and affectionate with the foster mom’s daughter who is a young child. Adopter should be patient as the behavior may revert when she’s moved.

Dove is FIV/Felv-, UTD with shots, De-wormed, spayed and microchipped.

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Chiquita is our shy hesitant girl who needs a patient loving home where she can come into her own. She does enjoy pets and allows her foster mom to hold her. Chiquita is sweet and inquisitive she would be a phenomenal pet for someone. All you need is a little patience so she can continue to bloom & you will have the sweetest little fur baby ever!

Chiquita is 7 months old, IV/Felv-, UTD with shots, De-wormed, spayed, microchipped.

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FOR ADOPTION: Klay, Curry and Jada

Klay (tabby) needs a home that is playful. He gets along with other cats if there’s a slow introduction. His favorite toys are a toy mouse attached to a string which he likes to carry in his mouth. He likes to pounce on and wrestle his pseudo siblings Curry and Jada but also cuddle with them. He loves the cat tunnel and chasing the red dot. Klay usually chirrups instead of meows. He tires himself out playing and often falls asleep in a funny position or in the cat tunnel or cuddling in the hammock. Continue reading “FOR ADOPTION: Klay, Curry and Jada”

FOR ADOPTION: Angel and Smokey

Angel is a bit shy but also a cuddly little sweetheart. She is quite a talker and really playful as she should be at her age. She also loves head scratches and attention from her foster mom and dad.

Smokey is a playful sweetheart who warms up in no time! She is very affectionate and loves scratches and being petted. Sometimes she could go a bit hard with her love nibbles but that’s totally trainable with love, care and patience. She’s friendly with other cats and everybody she has ever met. According to her foster mom, she loves making friends with human and cats and has never had a single hiss since she came to live with them!

Both girls are 7 months old, FIV/Felv-, UTD with shots, De-wormed, spayed, and microchipped. They are a bonded pair, and they should be adopted together.

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FOR ADOPTION: Fred, Wilma, Buch and Kreider


Fred, Wilma, Buch, Kreider, Mika (adopted) and their mom (adopted) were found in the basement of an apartment and were being fed potatoes by the people there.

Fred and Wilma (bonded pair): Fred is an ameowzing little kitten! He is usually either chasing his favorite toy or being a purr machine in his foster mom’s lap. Wilma loves following her brother Fred around and taking lazy catnaps. They are boned so should be adopted together.

Buch and Kreider (bonded pair): They have came a long way from a hissy little dinosaurs to a sweet and playful kittens. They are boned so should be adopted together.

Fred, Wilma, Buch and Kreider are 3 months old, FIV/Felv-, UTD with shots, De-wormed, neutered and spayed, and microchipped.

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