Happy Endings: Jellybean

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img_7217Lived in an airless basement of a deli of the South Bronx, Jellybean used to hunt scraps on the street to feed herself and her two babies. When she was rescued by Little Wanderers right before Easter 2017, she showed up starving and was covered in green Easter egg dye. Regardless of her living hardship, Jellybean is the sweetest and most friendly cat, so Little Wanderers thought she deserves a chance of indoor living.

Happy Endings: Joyce

Happy Endings, News, Rescue Work


Remember Joyce? The LW Rescue Team found her in the Hunts Point section of the South Bronx,  sitting on a piece of tinfoil under a tree. She was so filthy and matted that she needed a lion cut that took several hours. She had broken teeth and was infected with parasites. Turns out she had been dumped there at the tender age of 14, and although she was microchipped it was obvious she had been abandoned by her owner.

But Little Wanderers came to the rescue!

Happy Endings: Demi (aka Popcorn)

Happy Endings, News, Rescue Work

demiThat is the look right there on that cat’s face. The look of happiness, contentment, security, satiation, safety. The look that comes from a cat that knows it has found its forever home and their forever parent or parents.  The look of trust and loyalty, from feelings of knowing that they are surrounded by friends and loved ones, that they will not have to fight or scrounge from garbage for their next meal, and that they are in a safe place where they won’t be hurt or tortured or abused.