FOR ADOPTION: LIC Warehouse Kittens

These are the remaining four kittens from the litter of 6 that were rescued by our team from a warehouse in Long Island City.  Two passed this week from fading kitten syndrome, but these four left are proving to be little fighters! Continue reading “FOR ADOPTION: LIC Warehouse Kittens”


Happy Endings: Bingo and Meeny


Just look at the contentment on the faces of these babies! They are truly happy in their forever home. Bingo and Meeny have been adopted, and they couldn’t be happier! Thanks so much to rockstar foster mom Katie who is keen on getting all of this litter adopted.  Good luck Katie! Fostering works! Bingomeeny



This little cutie pie is Ariel. She is around 10-12 months old, and was rescued by Little Wanderers from the Bronx. She had severe mastitis, a high fever and was very lethargic. But she is feeling a lot better now, and is in search of a quiet, loving foster home to show her just how good life can be! For more information on how you can foster Ariel, please email Raquel at  . Be a hero for this beautiful baby, and show her “a whole new world”!


This poor little girl is six week old Ema. She was rescued by our team from this basement of filth and squalor. She is very frail and a little shy as you can see. Ema is in urgent need of a foster home while she is being vetted. She’s had one vet visit already and she is healthy and parasite free. For more information, contact Raquel by email at . Be a hero for Ema and show her she never has to return to this awful squalor ever again!

RIP, Garland 2011-2017

Dear family,

It is with a heavy heart that we bring you the news of Garlands passing. Garland was rescued last October 2016 by Little Wanderers from an East Harlem parking lot where she lived with this huge tumor on her chest for one year until we came along (according to her feeders). Garland lived with other Ferals and made her way as best she could. Continue reading “RIP, Garland 2011-2017”



An urgent foster is needed for a semi-feral momma and her five newborn kittens!  Aurora was being fed by a care taker who suddenly passed away. Aurora was waiting to be fed by someone who never showed up. How sad! Worried for her health, a neighbor managed to trap her, and she was then taken to the Rockland Animal Shelter. About five days ago, she gave birth to 5 gorgeous little babies. Continue reading “URGENT FOSTER NEEDED!”

Foster Needed for Soldier Boy!

soldierboy.JPGA rock star foster is urgently needed! This poor little guy has been through the ringer: fights, illness, rough winters, malnutrition and just trying to survive on the mean streets of NYC.

But now Little Wanderers has come to his rescue! He is now in our care and will be thoroughly vetted. Because of his colorful past we have fondly named him Soldier Boy! Now he needs your help!

S.B. needs a foster on his journey to a forever home. Won’t you be his hero and help make his dreams come true?  Soldier Boy should never have to go back to the streets. To help, please email us at or text us at 917-617-1669.

Foster Needed – Please Help


While most of you are warm in your homes, Little Wanderers is trapping our heads off! Meet Knight, a beautiful black and white boy from Kingsland Ave in the Bronx and he turns out to be shy but friendly. Knight is tended to by a retired teacher who is moving to Florida this week and he has nowhere to go!!! Can you open your home for Knight? Text 917-617-1669 or email Jessica at It takes a village!