FOR ADOPTION: Finster and Babs


Meet Finster and Babs, a dynamic bonded duo with tons of personality. Playful and loving, Finster (boy) leads the duo and constantly purrs. Babs (girl) looks to Finster for direction, but holds her own in play and affection and as an added bonus – she chirps.  This adorable pair was dumped in front of a good Samaritan’s home and, once again, Little Wanderers to the rescue!!  The streets are no place for friendly cats and kittens. As a matter fact, the streets are no place for any cat or kitten.  Finster and Babs are approximately five months old and are ready to go into their adoptive loving forever home.  Is that home yours?  Get your application in today!



Meet Dottie! She is a beautiful 1 year old girl with fluffy white fur. Dottie was a neglected house pet. However she does not let her horrible experience with her former human hold her back from being the sweetest kitty!

Dottie is a real charmer! Everyone who has met her, loves her! She is very affectionate and constantly seeking attention from foster mommy. Everyday she gets very excited when mommy gets home and waits mommy at the door. She is also a playful snowball, she loves toys and treats!

Dottie is up to date on shots, spayed, FIV/FeLV- and microchipped. Click here to complete an application to adopt her!



Meet Boris! He is a medium-haired, FIV and fabulous handsome fella looking for his forever home!

Boris was found on the streets of Brooklyn, rail thin, toothless and used to be abused. Despite his past hard life, Boris has a potential of being the sweetest house cat! Foster mom May is working on socializing him and he has made great progress! He is a total love bug and gets along great with his foster roommates, but you have to win his trust! Foster mom calls him a sweet toothless purring machine!

Boris is FIV+/FeLV-, neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Click here to fill out an application to adopt Boris!


Mersida, (foster mom prefers to call her Ella or Chunky), is a beautiful gray, laidback, go with the flow cat. She loves to sprawl on the floor or along the back of the couch and observe her surroundings with her huge beautiful green eyes! She is a lady and likes to come to you and cuddle on her own terms. She’s obsessed with drinking water from the sink, it’s really cute to watch. She doesn’t mind other cats and would be good in a home with other pets or being alone.

Ella’s has a sad story. She was neglected by her previous owner, that she became overweight over time. She was found posted on Craigslist as a ‘free cat’ after the owner moved out and left her behind in the apartment. However she is gaining trust and learning to love human again, thanks to her caring and loving foster mom Ashley, and made significant progress since she moved in with Ashley!!

Ella would do well with someone who’s loving and patient, and can give her time and space to let her come out of her shell, and ideally with no small humans around.

Ella is around 7-10 years old, FIV/FeLV-, fully vetted, FIV/FeLV-, spayed and microchipped. Fill out an application to adopt Ella and give her the best home she truly deserves!!

FOR ADOPTION: Dany and Tyrion

Meet Dany and Tyrion!

Dany is a fierce little one. Her brother Tyrion is her buddy and they love to partner up and explore the apartment.

Tyrion is a little piglet and quite the talker. He’s quick to warm up and full of energy. Definitely loves his sister Dany and enjoys cuddle time with foster mom.

Danny and Tyrion will be vetted soon and ready for adoption. You can send up an application to pre-adoppt them now.


Meet Gwyneth. She was found totally alone on the street on June 6th at about 4 weeks old, and admitted to the emergency room. Her temperature and blood sugar were too low to read and she was also very dehydrated and underweight. She had an upper respiratory infection, and they think she couldn’t smell food anymore so that started her decline. She was still responsive to touch, and with IV fluids and meds, she stabilized pretty quickly.

Gwyneth has been living with her foster parents in crown heights and has grown considerably and shown a ravenous appetite for kitten food! She started eating her own food off a plate right away and has proven to be a super smart, playful kitten. She loves to wedge herself between couch cushions, and also has a thing about sitting on sandpaper. She loves attention and will roll over and let you pet her belly for a long time.

Gwyneth is available for pre-adoption, click here to fill out an application.

FOR ADOPTION: Cassie and Cebolla

Meet Cassie and Cebolla! They are a bonded pair looking for their furrever home.

Cebolla is super friendly and a total lap cat. He purrs constantly and loves to be pet and held. His favorite toys are anything with feathers he can attack. He also is an adventurer and keeps trying to escape the room I have them in to get to the rest of the apartment!

Cassie is more reserved but still very loving. She lives for ear scratches and likes to cuddle up next to you and purrs purrs purrs. She’s super playful and lives for anything she can bat around the room!

They are 8 weeks, soon to be fully vetted and ready for adoption. They are available for pre-adoption now. Click here to fill out an application.


FOR ADOPTION: Shelby, Aston, Jaguar and Lexi

Meet Shelby, Aston, Jaguar and Lexi

Shelby (tabby girl) is super playful and friendly. She’s the most energetic when they’re all out playing together and she’s fearless – runs around and jumps up on everything.  She’s the friendliest and snuggliest too. She’ll cry to be picked up and has a loud purr when she’s cuddling.

Aston (tabby boy) is playful and tough. He’s the roughest when playing with his siblings. Has a lot of energy but loves a good nap. It took him a bit of time but he eventually realized he likes to be picked up and snuggled and he’s also purr machine. 

Jaguar (tuxedo boy) is playful and independent. He will let you know when he wants to be picked up. Of the 4 he’s the most likely to be sleeping by himself while the rest are snuggled together. 

Lexi (tabby girl) is as playful as the rest when they’re all running around. She is the tiniest of the bunch.

The kittens are 9 weeks old now and will soon be fully vetted for adoption. They are FIV/FeLV – and get along with other adult cats in their foster home. Fill out an application to pre-adopt them!


Adoption Alert! Raj is a very happy young male since he’s been rescued from the unforgiving East Harlem streets. He had a bad soft tissue injury and was non-weight bearing for over a month. And then, Little Wanderers to the rescue! It’s heartwarming to watch his progress. He’s learning how to be a cat and play.

Raj is up for adoption. He is 1 year old, fully vaccinated, neutered, microchipped and Felv/fiv negative. He prefers to be an only cat and is very good natured. Complete an application here.

FOR ADOPTION: Kelly Clarkson

screen-shot-2018-07-02-at-9-57-40-pm.pngKelly Clarkson is looking for a furrever home. Kelly was rescued by Little Wanderers from the Horizon Detention Center in the South Bronx where she lived all her life. She lost her home due to construction but Little Wanderers didn’t want to release her back to that bad place anyway! We are glad we rescued you.

Her current foster mom says “Kelly Clarkson is a very sweet girl. She was skittish at first but has really started to open up and show her personality. She loves playing with little mice toys and with my other cat. I believe she’d be best in a home with a second Cat or adopted in a pair. Kelly has super soft fur and the cutest little meows. She has never once hissed or shown aggression of any kind in spite of being terrified by everything new. Her future owner is very lucky indeed!”

She is six months old, spayed, fully vaccinated, microchipped and parasite free. Her markings are distinct. She is considered a tortoiseshell with unusual features. Click here to adopt Kelly Clarkson!