Lola Fundraising Update


Poor little Lola! Not only is that eye injury hard to look at, it must be so painful for her! But we have great news! We have reached our fundraising goal and raised over $1500 For Lola’s medical care! Now she can have the eye operation she so desperately needs. All thanks to you, our Little Wanderers Family! Stay tuned to see when Lola will be able to be adopted. Rescuing and fundraising together means more lives saved! Go Lola!

FOR ADOPTION: Les Miserables Kittens

These are the beautiful Les Miserables kittens, named after characters in the great Broadway show. They are 5 weeks old, rescued from filth and squalor by our amazing team. There is Marius, a boy, Javert, a boy, Fantine, a girl,  Bishop, a boy and Jean, a gorgeous little girl. Wont you consider taking them into your heart and home! For more information, please email us at .