About Little Wanderers NYC

Who We Are

Little Wanderers is a small group of animal rescuers who are passionate about the welfare of NYC’s large feral cat population.  Our primary activities are trapping, immunizing, neutering and releasing at risk cats, but we also facilitate adoption when appropriate.

What We Do

Feral cats are everywhere in New York- they’re found individually or, more commonly, in colonies that sometimes contain upwards of 50 cats and kittens.  We are on the streets every day locating these at risk cats.  We also receive an average of 3 messages a week regarding homeless cats that people would like to see get help, and we follow up on every one of these tips.

Once we locate a feral cat we will trap the cat and transport him or her to one of our approved holding houses.  Within 48 hours we will arrange a for the cat to visit the vet, at which time he or she will be immunized and dewormed, get neutered and tested for feline leukemia (FELV) and feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV).  We also have each cat microchipped, which makes us responsible for them if they are found and scanned.  

Once we confirm that the cat’s FELV and FIV test results are negative the cat will be released back to where he or she was found or, if appropriate, delivered to a foster family while we arrange a permanent home- around 50% of the cats are friendly and are able to be adopted out.

If the cat is part of a colony we will work our way through the entire population, vetting each cat and then releasing him or her back to the location.  We will also appoint a volunteer to become a colony supervisor- it becomes his or her responsibility to maintain regular food, water and shelter at the colony.

Our work is focused on Upper Manhattan and the Bronx but our network extends throughout all five boroughs.  

Where We Work

We are constantly working to help huge colonies, sometimes getting three to five requests for help per week.

34 cats 3/16/15-5/15/15
The largest job in Inwood was on Vermylyea Ave, NY NY
19 females
15 males
10 adopted out

31 cats 12/11/14-2/3/15
The largest Bronx job was on Bergen Ave. Bronx NY
24 females
7 males
11 adopted
2 deaths (1 kitten from panleukopenia and one from FIP)

26 cats 8/3/15-2/25/16
Aqueduct Ave, Bronx NY
18 females
8 males
15 adoptions

28 cats 10/7/15-12/7/15
St. Barnabas Hospital, Bronx NY
17 females
11 males
20 adoptions
1 Felv/FIV(+) -adopted

14 cats 7/6/15-8/10/15
Grand Concourse, Bronx NY
7 females
7 males
9 adoptions

23 cats 6/6/15-8/30/15
Concourse Village, Bronx
15 females
8 males
9 adopted
3 FIV(+)
2 kittens perished panleukopenia 

9 thoughts on “About Little Wanderers NYC

  1. Hi: my neighbor downstairs passed away this week, she was an elderly cat hoarder. There are appx. 15 cats down there, I’m trying to help the landlord find a no-kill solution. Never dealt with anything like this before, ASPCA is not much help. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to write here or call/text 917-586-2946…Thank you regardless!


  2. Thank you for all the wonderful work you do to give these sweet friends a second chance at a safe and happy life ❤️ Please accept my small donation to help these angels. With great sorrow I had to euthanize my beautiful 15 year old girl on May 16. My heart is broken 💔 Much love and God bless you❤️


  3. wow!! just found your website via your Instagram page. All I can say is I wish l lived over there to come work with you guys. Nothing would give me greater plea sure in life than to help kitties who need love and attention. Keep the good work going and loads of love from the UK xxxxx


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