About Little Wanderers NYC

About Little Wanderers NYC

Little Wanderers is an all-volunteer rescue group that rescues the neediest cats in the most dangerous and underserved areas of New York City. Through Trap/Neuter/Return (TNR) and rescue, Little Wanderers works tirelessly to reduce the cat overpopulation primarily in the Bronx and Northern Manhattan. 

Through a managed foster-care network, Little Wanderers re-habilitates and socializes animals and puts them up for adoption.

Little Wanderers rescued over 657 cats in 2017, some of which were on the brink of death. This same discipline and acts of compassion continue with us in 2018.



9 thoughts on “About Little Wanderers NYC

  1. Hi: my neighbor downstairs passed away this week, she was an elderly cat hoarder. There are appx. 15 cats down there, I’m trying to help the landlord find a no-kill solution. Never dealt with anything like this before, ASPCA is not much help. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to write here or call/text 917-586-2946…Thank you regardless!


  2. Thank you for all the wonderful work you do to give these sweet friends a second chance at a safe and happy life ❤️ Please accept my small donation to help these angels. With great sorrow I had to euthanize my beautiful 15 year old girl on May 16. My heart is broken 💔 Much love and God bless you❤️


  3. wow!! just found your website via your Instagram page. All I can say is I wish l lived over there to come work with you guys. Nothing would give me greater plea sure in life than to help kitties who need love and attention. Keep the good work going and loads of love from the UK xxxxx


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