5 Tips to Help Make Your Rescue Cat Feel At Home

5 Tips to Help Make Your Rescue Cat Feel At Home – Little Wanderers NYC


Whether you live in a big city or a small one, having a furry little friend by your side as your companion can make bad days bearable and good days even better! A common misconception is that rescue and shelter animals are old or have behavioral issues. This is why many people hold back from keeping a rescue as a pet.

However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Rescue animals are often scared or hurt and just need a little bit of love and looking after to spring back to health.

Once they do and are no longer afraid, they make for some of the most loving pets. If you’ve encountered a furry friend in need of help, here are a few things you can do to make them feel safe and comfortable at home.

Ensure That The Cat Is Healthy

Having rescued a cat from a rescue center or an animal shelter, it is the rescuer’s responsibility to check in with a vet for an appointment. Have a regular check up done for the cat and ensure that the rescue cat is up to date with their shots. Ensuring that your new cat is safe and free from any disease can help you protect the rescued animal as well as your other pets at home.

Ensure That The Cat Is Healthy

Creating A Safe Space

When bringing in a rescue animal to your home, it is extremely important that they identify your home as a safe space.

Create an area with minimum objects, a litter box, bedding, a couple of toys and a hiding spot to help the rescue cat feel at home. Make sure the cat has access to plenty of water and is kept well-fed, especially in the initial days.

Remember, it will take the rescue cat a while before they can get around to trusting you.

The More The Merrier!

Cats love to socialize with other cats. However, for a rescue, the process can take some time. Give your new furry friend plenty of time to warm up to other pets around the house. The safe zone you create for your rescue cat will act as a buffer while the animals get used to each others’ scent. Soon enough, they will integrate and play along happily!

Kitties Love Something To Scratch On!

Kitties Love Something To Scratch On!

Cats will more often than not, end up scratching every surface they can find. An important part of rescuing an animal is adapting to its needs. Make sure you have plenty of scratch pads around so that your rescue cat can wear their claws on them instead of your furniture!

Let Your Furry Friend Explore!

Cats are curious and adventurous little creatures. Be prepared to let them roam and hop around the house as they scurry on their adventures. Secure any delicate objects and decorative items along shelves or mantles. Even if you don’t think that the cat will get there, trust us, it will!

Need help with a rescued friendly feline?

Little Wanderers NYC is a volunteer-based cat rescue, return and neutering group that helps rescue cats in some of the toughest areas in New York City. We pride ourselves in having provided for safe and loving homes for over 657 cats in 2017 alone.

After safely rescuing a cat, we engage in extensive foster care and work toward providing a loving home for each rescue cat. Help us take our mission forward and volunteer with our team or make a contribution!

To learn more about our work, head over to our Facebook page or get in touch with us via Instagram!

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