FOR ADOPTION: Shelby, Aston, Jaguar and Lexi

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Meet Shelby, Aston, Jaguar and Lexi

Shelby (tabby girl) is super playful and friendly. She’s the most energetic when they’re all out playing together and she’s fearless – runs around and jumps up on everything.  She’s the friendliest and snuggliest too. She’ll cry to be picked up and has a loud purr when she’s cuddling.

Aston (tabby boy) is playful and tough. He’s the roughest when playing with his siblings. Has a lot of energy but loves a good nap. It took him a bit of time but he eventually realized he likes to be picked up and snuggled and he’s also purr machine. 

Jaguar (tuxedo boy) is playful and independent. He will let you know when he wants to be picked up. Of the 4 he’s the most likely to be sleeping by himself while the rest are snuggled together. 

Lexi (tabby girl) is as playful as the rest when they’re all running around. She is the tiniest of the bunch.

The kittens are 9 weeks old now and will soon be fully vetted for adoption. They are FIV/FeLV – and get along with other adult cats in their foster home. Fill out an application to pre-adopt them!

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