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Jude is a gray and white cat around 4 years old. He was found in the premises of the Church of Saint Jude in Inwood.He was a church cat. He was always around there in front of the church, in the gardens, or in the parking lot. When feeding him, people stopped and asked what was his name, even the priest. I told them I still don’t have a name for him. But, someone said: ” Why don’t you call him Jude like the church?”

Jude is a very sweet boy, very gentle, and very affectionate. He loves to be petted under his cheeks. He is a character! The most amazing and curious thing about Jude is that he seems to dance when he sees you coming with his food. You don’t believe your eyes! Even Dr. Berman stated it when he came for a house call one day. Only a tap on his back, makes him dance, too. He dances out of joy!

Jude also likes the scratching posts, or the scratching mats. He also likes to make biscuits on his bed.

Jude is an adorable kitty, especially when he graciously poses after being touched on his back! And his sweet and tender eyes speak for himself.

Click here to adopt Jude!

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