FOR ADOPTION: Anette and Alisa

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Meet Annette and Alisa. Little Wanderers rescued Annette and Alisa together with their siblings Victoria and Royal from a Washington Heights housing complex. They were living on top of a mattress, behind a trash area, behind piles of construction and behind a fence. It was a horrendous living condition for them. But luckily, this is all behind them.

Annette is a sweet little kitty who loves food. Picking her up is not an issue. She will easily put when being petted or fed. She is not a big a huntress with the boa. She prefers the stick end and loves hearing the sound it makes when is run around the floor. Her whiskers curve down and resemble a mustache.

Alisa. She is a bit shy but is coming out of her shell to play. She is quite a huntress.

Annette and Alisa are 3 months old, spayed, fully vetted, FIV/FeLV- and microchipped. Click here to adopt them.

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