FOR ADOPTION: The Castle Hill Kittens

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Meet Bear (brown tabby), Maybelle (brown tabby), Simon (orange), Ash (greay tabby) and Blue (gray). They were rescued from a garbage pile from the Castle Hill area of the Bronx.

Bear is a little fluffy purr machine. He is very sweet and playful. He has very soft fur soft with beautiful gtabby stripes!
Maybelle is the only girl in the bunch.  She’s a petite little tabby, and looks just like her brother Bear.
Simon is the most adventurous and curious of the bunch. He is super friendly and loving and has no fear! He greats foster mommy at her feet purring and wanting love whenever she walk into the room.
Ashe is a light grey and cream tabby, his markings are gorgeous.
Blue is solid dark grey and beautiful coat as well. Ash and Blue are still a bit shy but they are warming up to their foster mom and will soon become very sweet just like their siblings!
All the kittens are very healthy! They are fully vaccinated, FIV/FeLV – and microchipped. They are only 9 weeks, but in a few weeks they will be spayed/neutered and ready for their forever homes! You can send your application now to adopt them!

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