FOR ADOPTION: Veronica’s Kittens

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Meet Rambo, Olivia, Sara, Spot, Rocky and lil Susie! They were born in the basement of a Bronx tenement building where their mom Veronica was fed, minimally, by the super and he requested that they be “removed.” And then it happened-Little Wanderers to the rescue. Mama Veronica, Spot and Rambo will soon join their furrier family, but Olivia, Sara, Rocky and lil Susie are still looking for their furrever homes! They are very healthy, FIV/FeLV -, vaccinated, microchipped, and will soon be spayed/neutered by June.

And remember, kittens go in pairs or join a household with other cats. This is for socialization and companionship. Kittens learn their social cues from other kittens and they need companionship as they are litter mate animals by nature.

Please click here if you would like to adopt them.

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