Happy Tails: Charisma


Charisma is a Happy Ending Story and proof that Love saves the Day. For all you allergy sufferers out there, this ones for you! One of our very own foster care counselors Ashley, agreed to foster Charisma, a beautiful young kitten Little Wanderers rescued from a pile of snow in the Bronx in 22 degree frigid weather. Foster mom took a chance, knowing that her boyfriend had allergies to cat dander. They pushed through to the other side of it, and boyfriend is able to manage his allergies. You can too. Here’s their story.

“She has become so bonded to us. Cries when we leave her. Follows us around. Has become so affectionate and loving and loves our home. When we tried to get into the carrier she wept. She sees us as her family and we love her just the same. My boyfriends allergies have died down and we’ve kept her out of the bedroom which helps him tons. We bought her a little bed yesterday and more toys. She’s just so so so happy with us. We would like to be considered for her adoption.”

Making adjustments for the animals we love is all part of the story. Animals depend on us and grow attached to us. They aren’t pieces of furniture to be returned. Thank you Ashley, your story is a true love story.

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