FOR ADOPTION: Klay, Curry and Jada

Klay (tabby) needs a home that is playful. He gets along with other cats if there’s a slow introduction. His favorite toys are a toy mouse attached to a string which he likes to carry in his mouth. He likes to pounce on and wrestle his pseudo siblings Curry and Jada but also cuddle with them. He loves the cat tunnel and chasing the red dot. Klay usually chirrups instead of meows. He tires himself out playing and often falls asleep in a funny position or in the cat tunnel or cuddling in the hammock.

Curry (tuxedo) equally loves to play and loves his nap time in the hammock. He is so sweet to his pseudo sibling Klay and his sister Jada. When they both were trapped, he bathed Klay and comforted him and they all still bathe each other often. He is the smallest of the 3 but the first to eat during meal times and the first to run up to me when it’s treat time. i have woken up a few times to find Curry on my lap when i’ve fallen asleep on the couch.

Jada Popcorn Smith (black) has come a long way. She used to hide every time she would see me but now comes up to me and sits right next to me. i’ve even woken up to her and Curry sleeping on my legs. She loves to steal my hair ties. Jada also really loves to kick around a mini ball. Jada was originally named Popcorn because she jumps like popcorn being popped when she’s startled. Jada loves Curry and Klay and loves to pounce and chase them if they’re not already chasing her. She’s still a little hissy but has come around.

They are 4-5 months old, FIV/Felv-, UTD with shots, De-wormed, neutered and spayed, microchipped


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