Empress and her 4 kittens were rescued from a Deli. She doesn’t like to be called mama Empress because her toddlers drive her nuts: stealing her food, gremlin-growling, following her everywhere she goes, and stealing her toys, and she’s a kitten herself too. She is not a fan of other cats, so when the kittens are not around, she is the sweetest lady. She has a great relationship with people (even the doctors and nurses at the vet). She loves to be pampered and held. She will let you pick her up and carry her around. She is a ferocious warrior and will attack any jingly ball or mouse toy. She likes to pounce on blanket covered toes, but she will make it up to you by grooming you during bath time (a quick nip—like you are her kitten—then lick your arm clean). Turkey is her favorite food. Bathroom window ledges are her favorite spot, and she enjoys quiet.

Empress is 1.5 year old, FIV-/Felv-, UTD with shots, De-wormed, spayed, microchipped.

Click here to adopt Empress.


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