This adorable little fella has been aptly named “The Mayor”. He is a stray feral cat that was known to the neighborhood and was always friendly with both two legged and four legged friends he saw each day. But living in a filthy open air parking garage is no place for a cat, so TM was rescued by Little Wanderers and now he is in search of a new constituency to rule over.

TM was vetted and he was shown to be Felv negative but FIV positive. Studies have shown that FIV+ cats can live happily with other cats, whether they are FIV+ or FIV-. It is a virus that does not shorten his life or the life of the other cats that he may be around.  Read up on it! And if you are looking for a companion cat, this guy is for you! Why send a friendly little sweetie like this back to filth, danger and squalor like he was in before? It would be unconscionable. The Mayor deserves a forever home, and Little Wanderers is here to do everything we can to give him a fighting chance. For more information about adopting The Mayor, please email Raquel at .


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