FOR ADOPTION: Isobel and Clover

Meet Bella and Chloe, two sweet young kittens Little Wanderers rescued from a leukemia positive colony in the Bronx. Chloe is still a little shy but she has come a long way. She used to spend most of her time hiding but now she sleeps next to her foster in bed! She loves her sister Bella, who is the mischievous sister. Bella loves to instigate rounds of chasing games and sneaks some of her sisters food when she’s not looking. Bella also loves snuggles and belly rubs. They are completely bonded and love playing with their toys together and would be perfect for someone with a big heart who has always wanted a pair of beautiful kitty companions or a set of best friends for their dog (they get along really well with foster mom’s dog!)
Feline leukemia virus (FeLV) is one of the most common infectious diseases in cats. Many cats with FeLV can live normal lives for prolonged periods of time and Little Wanderers is always looking for special needs adopters to provide a home for our rescue kitties. Cats with FeLV should only be homed with other cats who also have FeLV but they can live with other pet species.

They are Felv+ so if you have no cats and are looking to adopt or have Felv+ cats and are looking for companions, look no further!

Despite their positive status, they are healthy and wonderful. And here’s something great: Little Wanderers will pay for all vet care fot the rest of Bella and Chloe’s lives! No worrying about expensive vet bills if you adopt these two lovelies. For more information, please text (917) 617-1669 or email us at .


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