FOR ADOPTION: Isobel and Clover

screenshot-2017-06-01-02-31-00.pngThese pretty sisters are Isobel and Clover. They were rescued from a feline leukemia colony in the Bronx by our awesome rescue team. They are 6 months old are as playful as can be! They are also the sweetest kittens ever, but unfortunately their foster mom is moving soon and cannot take them with her. These girls need a home! They are Felv+ so if you have no cats and are looking to adopt or have Felv+ cats and are looking for companions, look no further!

Despite their positive status, they are healthy and wonderful. And here’s something great: Little Wanderers will pay for all vet care fot the rest of Isobel and Clovers’ lives! No worrying about expensive vet bills if you adopt these two lovelies. For more information, please text (917) 617-1669 or email us at .


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