RIP, Garland 2011-2017

Dear family,

It is with a heavy heart that we bring you the news of Garlands passing. Garland was rescued last October 2016 by Little Wanderers from an East Harlem parking lot where she lived with this huge tumor on her chest for one year until we came along (according to her feeders). Garland lived with other Ferals and made her way as best she could.

After Little Wanderers rescued her, she went to several veterinarians to determine a treatment plan. In the end, her plan was supportive care as she was diagnosed with malignant cancer.

Garland lived happily in the home of Dr. Pietrosanto, @caitlinsara, for the last  six months of her life! She was happy and fed and loved and cared for and had all she needed, to her hearts content. She ate well, played, and did quite well for a cat with such a progressive cancer.

Last night she had extensive bleeding after she accidentally sliced her tumor. Due to the blood loss and risk of infection, and inability to suture the tear, humane euthanasia was recommended.

In life, you do the very best you can. We did our best Garland. Rest In Peace. 2011-2017



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