Happy Ending: BB (Bartolo Bounce)

Fostering, Happy Endings, News

bartolo.JPGSome great news, Little Wanderers family!  This little cutie pie is Bartolo, or now affectionately called “BB” after the adorable little droid in the movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Well BB here and his rock star foster mom have had a foster fail. Sounds bad, doesn’t it?

Well, a foster fail is actually a wonderful thing! It means that while fostering a cat, the foster parent decides to adopt that cat and turn its foster home into its forever home. Isn’t that awesome?

Our LW team rescued BB about three weeks ago, and rock star foster mom Jen (@jryan1811) stepped up and gave him what she thought was going to be a temporary home. But somewhere along the way, she fell in love! And now almost three years to the day that she lost her beloved cat Fatty, she has decided to adopt adorable Bartolo Bounce or BB, after BB-8, the loyal but skittish droid in the new Star Wars movie, who loyally accompanies hero Poe Dameron on all of his interstellar adventures. Jen says this describes Bartolo perfectly, hence the nickname.  Jen goes on to say that little does he know it, but BB rescued her.  Rescue works, and sometimes a fail is the best thing in the world.  Thank you so much Jen, for being part of the Little Wanderers Family, and for giving BB a home. May the force be with both of you!

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