harley2Harley is truly a special cat. She was rescued from a Bronx building where she was living in a stairwell for weeks. She has been diagnosed with hyperesthesia, which means she can have an overreaction to stimulation.  With a great foster situation and medication she has improved, but she needs a solo cat, patient household to deal with her issues and possible abusive past. She is also FIV and Felv positive.

Little Wanderers will travel anywhere to help Harley in her search for a forever home.  She is microchipped, spayed and fully vaccinated.  For more info, please email us at adopt.littlewanderersnyc@gmail.comharley


2 thoughts on “FOR ADOPTION: Harley

  1. Hi,
    I am a TNR certified caretaker of several colonies in Washington Heihgts.
    Currently I have 19 cats in my care. Also a female, 1 yr old, spayed, vaccinated, parasite free.
    She is in need of a foster home.
    Not sure if you can help.
    Wahi cat colonies can’t help me.
    Sanctuaries are maxed out and I can’t make donations as I am financially maxed out too.
    I think it’s great that you foster these ‘special needs’ kitties as well.
    Let me know, and best of luck to you as well,
    Sylvia Tingle & cats


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