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IMG_2258Why is it that some of the most beautiful are true Ferals? Meet Misty, a stunning FERAL FERAL FERAL Russian Blue boy Little Wanderers trapped from Hunts Point in the Bronx. He will receive proper medical care and ASPCA services this Tuesday! For now, we have him resting in a nice crate with a bed, plenty of food and basically whatever his heart desires. He will recover with us and then be returned when he is fully healed.

He has a dedicated colony care-taker and plenty of shelters that Little Wanderers placed. We’ve planned well for him. Join us in our rescue efforts. Contribute to our so we can continue our critical, direct work!


And then sometimes there are the true Ferals!! Meet Taz, a fresh trap from Kingsland Ave in the Bronx. As his colony care-taker is re-locating, Taz is losing his only source of food and shelter. Little Wanderers will vet Taz and then look for a sanctuary who will take him.

Become TNR certified so that you can rescue your very own neighborhood cats! Google TNR certified or go to the Mayors Alliance for NYC’s Animals. It takes a village!

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