Happy Endings: Petra, Portia & Roxanne!

Happy Endings, News

petra2.JPGHere is happy little Petra! She had it pretty rough on the mean streets of the Bronx. But Little Wanderers came to her rescue and now she sleeps on 1,000 count thread sheets and eats top shelf to her hearts content! A big thank you to her forever mom Susan (@ladyblueyes79) for giving Petra a wonderful forever home.



roxannenewparentsHere we have lovely little Roxanne and her new forever parents! This lovely couple is from Toronto, Canada. Roxanne now makes her forever home with them. This beautiful little girl is now a Canadian kitty! You go girl!







portianewmomLast but certainly not least is gorgeous little Portia! She was rescued from the mean streets of NYC by our Little Wanderers Rescue Crew. And just look at her now! She was adopted by a lovely forever mommy that lives in Northern Manhattan, the Inwood neighborhood. Now the rough times are far behind her. Her new mom is so excited, she just adores Portia! Little Wanderers making dreams come true!

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