Rescue Work Update

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colony.JPGThe U.S. Post Office has an unofficial motto that goes something like “neither snow nor rain nor dark of night stays these couriers…” Well Little Wanderers Rescue Crew is even better than the USPS, because they don’t have “dangerous dirty neighborhoods” on the list of their work obstacles.No matter sleet or snow or rain or place, Little Wanderers cares for SIXTY cats EVERY DAY. It is grueling work, especially when you also have to worry about other factors besides the weather, including aggressive locals, filthy places or places just plain dangerous for cats like a parking lot.  We travel in and around the five boroughs, as far as the Bronx and Northern Manhattan. 2017 has gotten off to  a busy start as 8 cats have been rescued.

Most of those 8 babies are having a rough time of it. Zsach has raging pneumonia and is slowly recovering, 5 from the ginger family have upper respiratory and/or eye infections, and a sweet little kitten from Brooklyn named Turnip was admitted to the ICU for having severe gastrointestinal distress.  Little wanderers loves our rescue work, and our Rescue Crew busts their butts in the toughest neighborhoods to care for the neediest cats. We wouldn’t have it any other way. Unfortunately, that is not enough to continue with this critical work, we also require funding.  Please, buy a tote bag by going to . Use it proudly to show that you support us in every way. We could not do any of this without you and the rest of the Little Wanderers Family, and we thank you!

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