Happy Endings: Amanda Starr!

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amandastarr.JPGPoor Amanda Starr. When Little Wanderers rescued her, she was a homeless mom with six needy kittens living near Yankee Stadium. Tragically, two of her kittens succumbed to panleukopenia. But thankfully the other babies have survived and thrived!

Her new mommy Alyssa (@dozeyface) is so excited to have this wonderful kitty in her home! “Amanda Starr (aka Hoshi, which is Japanese for Star) is my little girl now! Here she is in a matching basket with her matching manx sister! Her little brothers are nearby,  she  loves her new family!” Little Wanderers rescues the neediest cats in the toughest, dirtiest neighborhoods in New York City. This is no small feat, it takes dedicated staff, the right tools and lots of funds. Won’t you help us stay on the front lines of the rescue battle? You can help support our cause by buying an LW tote bag. It is lovely and good for the environment as it replaces all those nasty plastic bags from the grocery store. Be eco-friendly and save kitty lives all at once! To purchase a Little Wanderers tote bag, please go to booster.com/littlewandererstote . Thank you so much!

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