Happy Tail Endings: Tiffany & Minoshe!

Happy Endings, News, Rescue Work


tiffanyminoshe.jpeg     First, Little Wanderers saved their lives. Then they became besties in an amazing forever home!

     Remember Tiffany? She was the semi-feral kitty that our intrepid LW Crew rescued with a very painful and complicated eye condition. She was given a new chance at life and even new eyelids from the Animal Medical Center.  Then there is adorable Minoshe, who was rescued after being tossed out like trash in the Bronx as a young kitten.

They both found an amazing mom in Laura (@boubi1507), who cared for these gorgeous creatures, and even managed to tame feisty Tiffany. Now both of these little girls are in perfect health, and their biggest dilemma each day is which of their hundreds of toys they should play with! The two have become fast friends, and now this forever home is one giant kitty love affair! We here at Little Wanderers believe that RESCUING WORKS!! Just look at these two lovely gals. Rescuing saves lives, and Little Wanderers will continue to fight for the Tiffanys and Minoshes out there who haven’t yet found their forever home like these 2 lucky cats did.


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