Happy Endings: Cinderella

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cinderellaEveryone knows the saying “a Cinderella story”. Well here at Little Wanderers, we have a REAL Cinderella story, complete with happy fairy “tail” ending! Do you remember Cinderella the kitten? She was found living amongst filth and ashes in an old boiler room with her mom and siblings. The conditions were so bad that unfortunately, Cinderella’s mom passed away from illness. But her and her siblings survived, and were all adopted into loving forever homes!

Look what foster turned forever mom Margot had to say: “Happy New Year! Ive had Zissou Cinderella Cat Allen for about 2 years now, and she brings such joy to my life. Thank you so much for saving her! You’re the best!” How’s that for a Cinderella story?

Won’t you help us make more fairytale endings for the unfortunate kittens and cats toughing it out on the mean streets of NYC? Please give whatever you can so that Little Wanderers can continue to fight for these beautiful creatures. Go to our your caring page to donate at youcaring.com/2017littlewanderers. Help us make 2017 the best year yet for our feline friends!

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