Happy Endings: Christoff!

christoff.JPGNow that’s one happy kitty! LW Family, do you remember Christoff? He was found very sick and very scared, and his future was looking pretty bleak… Well just look at him now!

Our amazing, intrepid, hard working Rescue Team found this tough little guy in the most dire of circumstances. He was found huddling under an ice machine in front of a bodega on Fordham Road, a busy thoroughfare in the Bronx. Not only was he in danger of being hit by a car, he was very ill. He had a fever, a severe upper respiratory infection, a bad eye infection, and just in overall very poor health. It was also right before Thanksgiving, and the days were turning colder and colder. Poor baby!!

But then Little Wanderers came to the rescue! Our Crew scooped him up, and its been bright sunny days for this little cutie pie ever since.  He found a loving foster home with Christina (@miagracesmama) and her family, and they formed such a wonderful bond that they decided to keep Christoff forever! He is now on the mend and has even gained three pounds! He loves sleeping on the bed with his mommy even though Santa got him a nice fluffy bed for Christmas. What a life! What a turnaround!

We here at Little Wanderers have said this before, but we’ll say it again: FOSTERING SAVES LIVES!!! These little babies are in such grave situations toughing it out on the mean streets of NYC. Fostering provides a temporary haven where they can get healthy, form positive relationships with humans, and are in a safe environment where they can begin to thrive. Foster homes are a temporary safe space for these beautiful creatures. To become a foster hero, please email us at adopt.littlewanderersnyc@gmail.com. You’ll be glad you did!


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