Happy Ending: Peyton

Happy Endings, News, Rescue Work

peyton.JPGAnother Happy Ending tale from Little Wanderers! Remember little Peyton?

He was rescued from an urban park in Inwood, New York, where he cried incessantly for any kind of attention! He had either been separated from his litter mates or the sole survivor, as we never saw a mommy or siblings again.  Peyton cried for food, companionship, attention, anything! And then he found the LW Rescue Crew!


We here at LW are happy to report that Peyton’s crying days are over! He is healthy, neutered, and living with the wonderful Rob and Jen (@instaRobRod) who knows what a good little boy their Peyton is! Congratulations you guys, we’re so happy for all three of you!  And a big thank you to foster mom Julia, who nursed him back to health when he was only 3 months old! It really does take a village!

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