Sponsor a Kitten Today!

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sponsorkitten.JPGAs you can imagine, wintertime is hard on feral cats, and especially kittens. They crash hard being so young and so vulnerable. But with your help, little kittens like this one will have to struggle no more.

If you would like to sponsor one of our kittens, please Direct Message us here! The cost of a sponsorship is $225. This will cover the cost of a kitten getting healthy and ready for adoption into a forever home. You can also contribute to us at youcaring.com/littlewanderers or make the pledge directly to the vet. As a sponsor, you will be featured in all of our print material!

Little Wanderers rescues kittens that wouldn’t be otherwise since no city agencies pick up kittens in need, and neither do most people since they are unsure of how to handle a sickly, malnourished kitten. But WE DO! Little Wanderers to the rescue! For all kittens in need. And with your help,these beautiful little creatures get a shot at an amazing life. They deserve no less.

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