Last Day of Our Booster T-Shirt Campaign!


image1Today is the last day of our t-shirt booster campaign! So help us continue our rescue work by going here: .

It has been a pleasure getting to know all of you! Through thick and thin, you have been there for us, and we truly appreciate it. You have been so instrumental in helping us take cats and kittens off the street and into loving homes, and as you know, this requires a lot of work and expense!

We rescue cats from the worst possible areas for homeless animals. There’s a reason that other rescues don’t go into the areas that we do. We encounter physical obstacles, cultural ones, hostility, and we have even been verbally and physically attacked. And because these animals have had to fend for themselves for so long, they need additional veterinary care. Some of this vet care can be extensive; taking months, and involve major surgeries and treatments, long hospitalizations, and blood transfusions.

Where many other places would put these animals down, we do not.  We give them every chance they are owed. It’s not their fault they have been born into this world at the wrong time and place , and they deserve our every effort at a better life.  Alot of people think we are crazy for doing what we do, but we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Please help us continue to help them!  Without you, we would only be able to wish about making things better for homeless cats and kittens. But we don’t want to wish , we want to DO!  This is the last day of our t-shirt booster, and with it comes an opportunity to save a life. NOW is the time to make a difference . And you’ll look like a boss doing it! What could be better?

From Little Wanderers Cat Rescue and cats like Paco, Tiffany , Hercules, Tiny Tim, Emma, Halo, Garland , Contessa….and on and on…..


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