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clalicoLittle wanderers Family! Won’t you please help this beautiful little friendly girl??  This poor calico lives behind a housing project and she truly is in great peril. Shes being fed by Bronx Stray Cats, and they were told by the super of the complex that he will “poison the cat” very soon if he sees her.  What a cold heartless person. But unfortunately this is the reality that many strays face, people see them as a nuisance to be eradicated like trash. But we know better!

We know that she is a darling, a precious life that is to be celebrated and not thrown away like trash. Can someone in our awesome family do something to help her? This is a very serious situation and her life truly is in danger. Please email adopt.littlewanderersnyc@gmail.com or text us at (917) 617-1669. Anything you can do to help this friendly little girl would be appreciated!

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