Emergency: Help Us Get Back to Rescuing!

Donate, Volunteer

It is with support like yours that Little Wanderers is able to save cats like Paco. Today Paco is healed and happy

Dear family! Get us back to rescuing! It’s the work that we love! Little Wanderers has had to suspend rescue operations until we pay our vet bills! We must raise $3,000 by close of business today. Any donation counts.

There are two ways you can get us back to work: Contribute directly to Little Wanderers account at Petchester Veterinary at 914-771-7387

OR, Contribute directly to YouCaring.

Your support is critical. Do you remember Paco? Paco was hit and dragged by a car and left to die. We rescued Paco in Northern Manhattan and the amazing vet team at City Vet Care put him back together. His skin was ripped off his knees. His toes were broken. He had large, deep gaping wounds that required surgical repair. Paco couldn’t be happier now. 

Many people don’t know how or what to do when they see an animal in need of rescue. City agencies are no help. And there are very few rescues focusing on street rescue. Little Wanderers is truly on the front lines of the rescue battle and we need your help to continue. We rescue the Paco’s. The Hercules. The Tiffany’s. The Butters and Pumpkin (who would have died horrible deaths in a filthy stairwell had we not rescued them). Make our work matter! Help us easily reach our $3,000 goal. Contribute NOW and thank you!

One thought on “Emergency: Help Us Get Back to Rescuing!

  1. My cat now mia, was lizette, lisa saved her from living alone on the street. She is on my lap right now, happy lisa brought her to me, and me to her!

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