Hercules Needs Your Help!

Rescue Work


This is why we desperately need your help.

Hercules is one of our most dramatic rescues. About a month and half ago we got a call to rescue a “severely injured” black and white male. Indeed, Hercules had been running around with a huge gaping hole in his neck and hanging, rotting skin covering his chest. He was infested with maggots. He was in terrible shape and severely anemic. He had dangerously high fevers and on the verge of death. Little Wanderers saved him!

Hercules was finally discharged from the hospital today after enduring intensive care in the ICU for a month. He will be going to foster care to monitor his health and then hopefully, to his forever home.

Your donations are crucial in keeping this important work going. Please donate today

Hercule’s vet bill hovers at $2800! (see the bill below). We’ve gotten amazing discounts and the vet bill needs to be satisfied. Any donation makes a difference. Go directly to our PayPal at PayPal.me/littlewanderers

Rescue Work is hard, but rewarding. Each one of our volunteers, rescuers, and fosters choose to help and save these cats at our own expense as much as we can. Your donations are crucial in helping us to keep this important work going.

Hercules’s bills below. 


One thought on “Hercules Needs Your Help!

  1. Congratulations Hercules what a sad story and he may look miserable now but he will perk up with love and a new home. Too bad the vet bill is so high.

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