URGENT!! Foster and Donations Needed for Tiffany

tiffany2Little Wanderers Family! Tiffany needs you!! This precious girl is a five month old kitten that our team rescued from the Bronx a few weeks ago. She has been diagnosed with Feline Eye Agenesis, a very painful congenital defect. She is lacking in a formed eyelid margin, so eyelash hairs come in contact with the cornea, causing a very painful irritation. The vet described it as feeling like “sandpaper scraping the eye.”

Thankfully, Tiffany is scheduled for an intake appointment and surgery in the next five days. She can no longer wait. She is actually purposefully keeping her eyes closed because it is too painful for her to open them. Can you imagine the suffering and confusion of this poor little girl? And she is only five months old! She has her whole beautiful kitty life ahead of her. Because of Little Wanderers, this brave girl has a chance.

However, LW is in urgent need of funds for this operation. The surgery will cost $4,500, but that will get her seeing again, without pain! Please go to our Paypal now at Paypal.me/littlewanderers and give Tiffany the gift of sight without pain, and the chance at a wonderful long life. She does not have a chance without this surgery.


Tiffany is also in urgent need of a foster home. We really need your help on this one LW Family! Can someone take this sweet brown tabby in? She is semi-feral so she will need someone who can let her recuperate in a crate and work with us to get her eye problems solved. LW cant do this by ourselves. And Tiffany cannot return to the streets in this condition. She will surely die. Please, LW Fam, help us give Tiffany a fighting chance. This little girl deserves that much. If you can foster or donate, please get in touch with us by email at adopt.littlewanderersnyc@gmail.com or text us at (917) 617-1669. Thank you, and Tiffany, if she could, would thank you as well.


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