Garland’s Dramatic Rescue! Please Help Us Today

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The little tuxedo kitty on the left is Garland. The Little Wanderers Rescue Crew came across her last week, when they were working on a colony in East Harlem. They’ve had much success in that area, which includes a hair braiding shop, a drug treatment recovery program and a filthy stairwell that pregnant cat moms have used for years to birth endless kitten litters. Since June 6th of this year, LW has trapped  over 47 cats and kittens from this particular location. Of those 47 precious lives, 36 of them were placed in forever homes!

When our intrepid team saw Garland, they could hardly believe their eyes. She was living inside of an abandoned car which was inside of a locked lot where a taxi service parks their company cars.

Upon further inspection, they noticed that this little angel had a huge peach sized gaping raw tumor on her chest! She was trapped fairly quickly and rushed immediately to the Lincoln Square Veterinary Hospital.

The wonderful vets there are currently running diagnostic tests to get the full picture of Garland’s condition, including a full blood work up, x-rays and a biopsy.  Among other health issues that plague feral cats, she also had a horribly rotten tooth that was pulled out with ease as it was literally FALLING APART.  Right now there are few answers, but thankfully cancer does not seem to be part of the bigger picture.  We wait with anticipation to see how sweet Garland can be helped.

Garland is scheduled for life saving surgery as soon as they are able.  But as you can imagine, this surgery and the ensuing medical care will be expensive. Little Wanderers needs your help to save this little angel.

Please, contribute anything that you can: $15, $25, $40, $75, $100, $250….anything that you can. Every penny helps and is the difference between life and death for these poor innocent creatures. Please visit our Paypal and be as generous as you possibly can. Garland’s life depends on it.

Little Wanderers rescued this poor sweet baby and put her in great hands so she can get the medical help she deserves. According to locals, she has been struggling for over a year with this incredible health problem. It is astounding that an ENTIRE COMMUNITY knew and saw this profound suffering and did absolutely nothing about it. Well Little Wanderers says NO MORE SUFFERING FOR GARLAND!!!! We are here for you sweet baby, and we will do whatever we can to help you have a healthy, loving and carefree life. Thank you, and please join us in our fight to save Garland and other cats and kittens like her by donating whatever you can. We thank you, and Garland thanks you.

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