Happy Endings: Lazarus

Happy Endings

LazbeforeafterI contacted Lisa about a kitten I saw online but it turned out he had already been adopted. I was a bit disappointed but she mentioned another very special kitten who was in foster care recuperating, on antibiotics and undergoing other treatments, and she recommended I visit him. He was scared and looking rough around the edges but beyond that it was evident that all he wanted was some TLC and to be held close.

lazsitI found out that Lazarus and his brother Ravi were scooped out of a disgusting parking lot in the Deep South Bronx where they lived inside abandoned cars and a makeshift shelter. They were fed by a nice wheelchair bound lady who did her best. They had horrendous eye and respiratory infections and were hospitalized for close to three weeks when first rescued! I knew then that he had to be mine.

He has turned out to be the sweetest little guy with all the silly kitten energy you would expect. It’s great to see his goofy personality come out and know that he has transitioned from survival mode to enjoying life.

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