Happy Endings: Gypsy

gypsyI have only had a few cats throughout my life. My two childhood cats, one black & white and my favorite, the tiger, named Gabriel who lived more than 20 years! When I got married, my husband brought home our first tiger – the tiniest kitten he found in a factory. Sherlock was the smartest, scrappiest devil and lived 18 years! Next we adopted 2 tiger kittens who lived 13 and 16 years. The last one, my pride and joy, Okemo died right before Thanksgiving, 2015 and I decided not to get another.

gypsytableThat lasted about 3 months until I felt the urge to get another cat. I knew I had to have a tiger cat and quickly came across a picture. I heard from Lisa and Little Wanderers that no, he wasn’t available but they had just rescued Artemis with four kittens. Two were taken right away but the mommy and two kittens were being fostered in NYC. I fell in love the minute I laid eyes on – not the kittens, but the mommy! I found out she was scooped up with her kittens out of a Bronx cargo warehouse where she had endless litters and begged for lunch scraps from warehouse workers! She was the most gorgeous long-haired female that wanted nothing more than some love and care.

I sent a message and asked if my son could stop by for a visit. He wore a tiger tee shirt and visited sharing on FaceTime and I knew via the iPhone that she had to be mine!

gypsybedThe foster family was wonderful and shared info frequently. The kittens went to a young couple and Artemis was spayed and microchipped and was ready for a ride to NJ! She became Gypsy (musical theatre reference not to mention her aforementioned lifestyle…)

She spent the weekend hiding but has come a very long way these past 6 weeks. She is finally a healthy weight and living out in the open.


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