Happy Endings: Chloe

chloe pillowCHLOE
(adopted by Rebecca and Allen on 11/13/15)  
Chloe was a week and a half old kitten when she was found under a bush during a thunderstorm with her sister. My step-son, Allen, and I wanted to adopt a cat, and when we heard about Chloe and Cleo, little gray sisters, we had to go see them.

So we took a ride up to the Bronx and immediately fell in love, with both of them, and agreed to take the pair, even though I’d never planned on being a 3-cat family.

Unfortunately they were extremely frail, due to the trauma surrounding their rescue.  A week after we visited them, I got a call from Lisa at little wanderers- Cleo had died in the middle of the night.  It was completely unexpected, and the vet thought that her system just couldn’t handle recovering and just gave out.  However, Chloe seemed fine. We cried, we were devastated, but still determined to adopt little Chloe.

The following several weeks were fraught with drama- Chloe had severe stomach parasites, she developed a series of extremely high fevers, and she had ringworm, which was contagious. We stayed away for quite some time, following our kitten’s progress via her foster mom’s Instagram account.  It was really hard to be patient, but we didn’t want anything to go wrong and Chloe was in excellent hands with her foster family.So, after multiple rounds of antibiotics, sulphur dips and doctor’s visits, Chloe was finally cleared to come to us.

chloe chair

It’s been about a week since Chloe joined the family and we’ve had nothing but smooth sailing.  She quickly learned how to jump on and off beds and figured out the easiest way to navigate the stairway between downstairs (where her food is) and upstairs (where she sleeps).  Allen, who is THRILLED that this little, grey kitten turned out to be the exact type of cuddly lap cat he’d dreamed of, expanded her name to Chloe Zoe Nighshade (Zoe Nightshade being a character in one of his favorite books), but I’ve since revised that to Chloe Zoe BITEshade, as she is a total little biting monster baby.

The last hurdle is our aloof Calico, Pumpkin.  She is still upset that we’ve deposed her as the sole pet of the household, but I can tell she’ll come around.  And the good thing is Chloe is not scared of her at all.