Happy Endings: Archie

Happy Endings

Screenshot 2016-05-16 05.23.28ARCHIE
(adopted by Jenny and Josh – 10/17/15Archie is one of six kittens whose mother (whom we named Gorgeous) rescued by Little Wanderers in the Upper Bronx.We didn’t exactly know that Gorgeous was pregnant on the night of the rescue, given her thin frame. The next day, she gave birth to six healthy kittens in the comfort of a warm surrounding. These were very lucky kittens!

Jenny and Josh followed @littlewanderersnyc on Instagram and saw these kittens up for adoption. Archie stood out as the only cream color kitten out of the litter who was, to be honest, quite adorably goofy-looking at the time. But his energetic, social personality really captured Jenny and Josh’s hearts. Archie would make the perfect companion for Jenny and Josh’s 10 year old cat.

Screenshot 2016-05-16 05.24.47

Eight weeks later, Archie went to his forever home. He is now the happiest cat in the world. However, he is no longer goofy-looking. As you can see for yourself, he is quite the handsome boy. He loves his new mom and follows her everywhere she goes.

The rest of the litter of kittens all found happy homes. And as for Gorgeous, the mother, she was very feral. We spayed and released her back in her old neighborhood, where we had arranged for caretakers to check in on her from time to time.

— Jenny @do_and_archie is also a graphic designer who volunteers for Little Wanderers.